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Yeedi 2 Hybrid Flat vacuum & floor mopping robot with app connection

Review: Yeedi 2 Hybrid is a Flat vacuum & floor mopping robot with app connection proved to be a solid cleaning agent in the test.

Hybrid vacuum and floor mopping robots are becoming increasingly popular. After the initial hype surrounding the first robotic vacuum cleaner has the function of wiping now comes in and replaces manual cleaning force thus almost completely in these areas. The practical household helpers all have similar functions, but differ in the essential technical facts. Therefore, every now and then you will get a model presented by us in the test. Today’s post is about the yeedi 2 Hybrid.

The packaging of the hybrid household helper is positively compact. Nowadays many devices are delivered in oversized cardboard boxes, whereby the aspect of environmental protection is not considered. The products and accessories can also be stowed safely and neatly in smaller boxes . The same thing happened with the test product. This is certainly also due to the manageable scope of delivery . In addition to the robot, the charging station, operating instructions, five disposable wipes and a reusable wipe are also included. What is immediately noticeable is that there is no base plate attached to the station that prevents the floor from soaking through when loading with the wet cloth. We actually know this from (hybrid) floor mopping robots.

yeedi 2 Hybrid: Compact packaging and reduced scope of delivery

Visually, it doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. The rounded design is typical and has proven itself in practice. The white color makes the yeedi 2 Hybrid look modern. The vacuum / mopping robot is not particularly narrow, but very flat . With this property, it could be difficult with tight chair and table legs, but it does well under flat pieces of furniture. At first glance, the workmanship of the hybrid robot does not show any defects. As usual, the surfaces are made of plastic and are solid . Nothing rattles or wobbles.

The underside is also not unusually structured. Two feeler brushes move the dirt in the direction of the central main brush when vacuuming . Two large wheels provide the drive. The wiping unit with the removable water tank and space for the wiping cloths is located in the rear area. Clicking in the water container requires a little skill and strength, but it works. At the top there is access to the dust container through a flap. This can be removed using a handle and emptied after being pushed open. There is also a small cleaning brush to clean the container and brushes more thoroughly. With a capacity of 430 milliliters, the yeedi robot is in the middle of the field.

Compact tanks for water and dust

The capacities of both tanks do not seem very large, but they are adequately dimensioned. With around 240 milliliters of water, the robot mop and vacuum cleaner can mop an area of ​​up to 260 square meters . In the middle setting we didn’t have a problem here either. If you have a lot of living space, you should have it vacuumed regularly so as not to overuse the dust tank, for example. We would place the volume of the yeedi 2 Hybrid in the good midfield . Through many tests in the area of ​​vacuum, mopping and hybrid robots, we have a good basis for comparison and would not classify the product as particularly loud or quiet here.

As with almost all models, configuration is also carried out via smartphone and the process is self-explanatory and uncomplicated. Before the first cleaning can start, the yeedi 2 Hybrid must first get to know its surroundings. This is done with the Visual SLAM technology , in which the camera is on the top of the device. This is not, as with many models, placed in the front or protruding above as a laser tower, but let in and the lens seems to be filming upwards. Despite this unusual construction, the household helper does very well on its journeys. We also like the yeedi 2 app. It also contains small animations, for example a sleeping symbol when the robot is in standby at the charging station. TheThe maps created look very good and are not frayed, as you know from some laser colleagues.

Clear and modern app with animations

As with many other competitors, various cleanings can then be started in the app. The whole map or only certain areas can be selected. Furthermore, you can choose from three suction strengths , four moisture levels when wiping and various languages. There are also various points in the app for the wiper module. This way you can be reminded to wash the wipe regularly. Of course, the two cleaning modes vacuuming and wiping can also be carried out separately from one another. However, we think this combination is great and appreciate the time-saving dry and wet cleaning in one go .

The yeedi 2 Hybrid completed our wipe test in the second of four moisture levels. This choice was the right choice for our easy-care hard floors . Incidentally, the entire cleaning process is relatively quick. At first we were skeptical and expected our earnings to decline, but these did not materialize. The hybrid robot does its job quickly and very well on top of that. This is certainly also due to the freely swinging wiper plate. So this is not rigid and can therefore easily follow the driving movements. Smaller steps between rooms are therefore not a problem either. In general, the yeedi 2 Hybrid also gets into corners well and travels according to an orderly principle. Even small obstacles such as chair legs are driven to the edge and the floor is cleaned as best as possible.

Solid cleaning agent up to the yeedi 2 Hybrid

The two-sided sensor brushes we also perceive as beneficial. Many models of the competition have only one brush around the rooms accordingly in this direction. With brushes on both sides, however, more dirt can be picked up directly. The app works flawlessly and is clearly laid out. Overall, apart from the somewhat wider dimensions, we cannot find any criticisms of the device. The tank capacities for dust and water are somewhat smaller due to the low construction , but still cover a normal-sized household well. The white design looks chic and modern, unlike many dark models, it brings some brightness into the technical world of the household.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid

A decisive criterion for the conclusion is of course the price. You can get a discount for 249 euros. But even the usual price of 299 euros is extremely cheap for a hybrid household helper . If you now include the almost unbeatable price in the evaluation, the overall package is really convincing. With a suction power of 2,500 pa, the yeedi 2 Hybrid absolutely doesn’t have to hide. The capacity of the battery of 5,200 mAh ensures a running time of an enormous 200 minutes . In addition, the integrated triple filter ensures clean air that is free from allergens. So an all-round successful package for a low price in the segment of hybrid vacuum and floor mopping robots. If you have the code “ YEEDI2HB”And also select the current voucher on Amazon, then you pay only 229 euros!