Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse 2- A new wireless mouse

Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse 2, a new wireless mouse with dual connection and Bluetooth 4.2 connection for two devices that uses a small AA battery

As soon as the week begins, Xiaomi surprises us again with a new product. This time it is the Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse 2 , a wireless mouse that is characterized by its silent buttons and by adding great autonomy.

In detail, this new Xiaomi wireless mouse comes with a small update in its design, adding a new space gray finish combined with a black upper area. An elegant format above all else.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse 2

Among the features of the Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse 2 we find a new DPI adjustment button in its lower area. This will allow us to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse in up to 4 different levels (maximum of 4,000DPI).

Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse 2

Additionally, this new mouse supports dual-mode connection , either using its included 2.4GHz receiver or its Bluetooth 4.2 connection . The best thing is that in its upper part it adds a small button that will allow us to easily switch between one connection or another, allowing simultaneous connection in two devices or computers .

Beyond that, the top finish of this Xiaomi Bluetooth mouse has been treated under a sandblasting polish. In itself, its surface is made of anodized aluminum alloy, resulting in a not only elegant but also anti-corrosive finish.

For its operation, this Xiaomi Mouse uses a small AA battery . This is capable of providing autonomy of up to 1 year by making use of this practically daily.