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Xiaomi launches a new premium design mat for multiple uses

Xiaomi launches a new premium design a two-layer mouse mat. With a length of 800x400x2mm is one of Xiaomi's most premium mouse pads

Xiaomi launches a new premium design mat – Beyond its variety of wireless mic , Xiaomi also has some mats intended for use. An example of this is the new Xiaomi Super Large Double Material Mouse Pad , a name as long as its format, which also stands out for the quality of its materials and its multiple uses.

Xiaomi launches a new premium design mat

With a length of 800x400x2mm , this new mouse pad has been launched in China as one of Xiaomi’s most premium mouse pads, adding a two-layer structure construction.

The materials used for this new Xiaomi mat are PU, that is, polyurethane leather and natural cork extracted from European oaks . These materials, in addition to giving it a most elegant appearance, give the mat greater resistance.

Xiaomi launches a new mat with a premium design and extra long size.  News Xiaomi Addicts

In addition, its PU surface, also called synthetic leather, has a special coating resistant to splashes and spills of water . This also makes it easier to clean, simply with a damp cloth.

For the rest, this new mat has the Xiaomi logo in one of its corners, adds a small bag for transport and is also available in two colors: dark gray and light gray.