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Xiaomi hand warmer: high autonomy

Xiaomi hand warmer has a regulator of 3 temperature intensities.charging can be done with electrical outlet,power bank or a computer.

Xiaomi hand warmer: Once again Xiaomi surprises us again with a practical gadget. This time it is a practical hand warmer that is characterized by its compact design and high autonomy.

Xiaomi hand warmer

Its interior is made of fireproof ABS plastic, while its outer shell is made of aluminum alloy . This, in addition to giving it a better touch, makes the heat transmission uniform throughout its surface.

Xiaomi hand warmer

Using a heat generator made of graphene , this hand warmer that Xiaomi offers us is capable of reaching 55ºC almost instantaneously. To do this, it also uses a 5,000mAh battery capable of offering a range of up to 8 hours .

Xiaomi hand warmer

Beyond this, this hand warmer has a regulator of 3 temperature intensities and various protections against electrical problems . In addition, to charge it uses a USB Type C port that we can connect directly to the electrical outlet, a power bank or even a computer.