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Why am I not seeing HD channels on my TV? Answer in detail

Why am I not seeing HD channels on my TV? This article will attempt to answer this very common question among modern day TV viewers.

Why am I not seeing HD channels: Surely at some point, after having heard a friend say how good the channels are in high definition, you have tried to watch them on yours and have been surprised that they indicate an unsupported service.

Why am I not seeing HD channels

Be careful, do not confuse this with when the DTT signal fails , because they are different things.

That is because when DTT channels began they were not in high definition and the tuners of the televisions that were sold at that time, were not in high definition either.

If your television is more than about 4 or 5 years old, it does not incorporate it. So you have an HD or FULL HD TV with HDMI inputs, but the tuner is not suitable for those higher quality channels.

The only solution you have is to buy a DTT tuner in HD and put it on your TV via HDMI and thus take advantage of it.

You will improve the image quality a lot, but you will have to use another remote control to operate the DTT and watch TV.

I leave you one that I recommend, which is also compatible with DTT2 and you can record from TV.