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WE.LOCK Smart Door Lock: Intelligent lock with double motor

WE.LOCK Smart Door Lock with Intelligent lock with double motor offers all sorts of different smart door locks, also for the international market.

Review: WE.LOCK Smart Door Lock – You can now find some cool and exciting products in our Smart Home Gadgets section . Today we would like to introduce you to the WE.LOCK Smart Lock, an intelligent lock that also falls into the product group of smart devices. In addition to the unlocking options, the manufacturer also wants to convince with the price.

The eponymous manufacturer WE.LOCK offers all sorts of different smart door locks, also for the international market. Today we take a closer look at a model that is designed for the European market .

Scope of delivery and installation: Is my locking cylinder compatible?

The topic of smart home is becoming interesting for more and more people, but there is often still skepticism , especially when it comes to more intelligent locks . WE.LOCK wants to counteract this with an all-round sophisticated system . Let’s start with the scope of delivery in advance. If you opt for the WE.LOCK, you will get the following delivered to your home :

  • 1x WE.LOCK L6PCB lock
  • 3x RFID key cards
  • 2x special Allen key
  • 1x silicone cover
  • 1x instruction

The manufacturer advertises above all with a simple exchange of the previous lock cylinder. The dimensions of the WE.LOCK are variable so that the cylinder length can be adapted to the existing lock. A minimum distance of 40 millimeters is recommended between the center of the door lock and the door frame. The assembly is done from the outside and these dimensions are given:

  • Knobs diameter: outside 46mm, inside 38mm
  • Cylinder length: outside 40-55mm, inside 30-60mm
  • Door thicknesses of 55-105 millimeters are possible

Almost all standard EU doors are supported. To remove the old lock cylinder, it is usually sufficient to remove the three existing screws and then pull out the lock. The WE.LOCK can then be mounted from the outside. According to WE.LOCK, if you have a little manual skills, you only need 5 minutes for the entire process.

WE.LOCK smart door lock functions and emergency unlocking at a glance

After installation, you can unlock your new Smart Lock in many different ways . With the help of the appropriate app, you can unlock your apartment or front door as you like in the future. You can also set certain  permissions for guests in case you are on vacation and the neighbors should water your flowers. In the run log of the app , you look all closing operations.

Another practical method, which may also be of interest to older people who live in the household, is unlocking using a numerical code . You can set up to 10 codes for this, which can also be given an expiry date of 30 days . This is especially useful if you want to rent your own four walls in  apps like AirBnb .

WE.LOCK Smart Door Lock

The last method for unlocking is the RFID cards . These only have to be placed on the WE.LOCK and the door opens. The door lock shows any instructions on the integrated OLED display. For example, the lock reports when the battery level is 20 percent , then you should replace the three AAA batteries as soon as possible. WE.LOCK specifies up to 8,000 locks  , a solid figure. If the batteries should run out, you can unlock the lock with a USB cable and the emergency app , so you are also protected here.

WE.LOCK offers customer service, a guarantee and a solid price

In contrast to many other smart door locks, WE.LOCK cannot be integrated into existing systems such as HomeKit , Google Home or Alexa. For some this may be annoying, but others find it good for security reasons. All in all, the WE.LOCK offers all the important functions to be called an intelligent door lock. At a price of 159 euros, this is a solid overall package in our opinion.