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Washing via app: Samsung WW80T654ALX / S2 in the connectivity test

Smart Home revolutionize the living concept. In this review we will describe the experience of washing via app while using Samsung WW80T654ALX / S2

Review: Washing via app using Samsung WW80T654ALX / S – The Samsung device WW80T654ALX / S2 is a networked washing machine with all kinds of additional functions. More and more households are discovering the advantages of home networking. When it comes to smart homes, however, you mostly think of smart lamps, cameras and heating thermostats, vacuum robots and of course smart speakers and smart TVs. And less of intelligent “white goods”. Smart household appliances have a lot to offer. This is exemplified by the WW80T654ALX / S2 washing machine from the brand new WW6500T series that Samsung made available to us for test purposes.

Great variety of functions

A look at the data sheet reveals that the model, which is not white at all, but has a chic anthracite look, is a top device. The front loader with a capacity of eight kilograms offers 22 different washing programs that can be individually configured. At the same time, the washing machine with its not very catchy name works particularly quietly and saves energy. The amount of water is automatically adapted to the filling amount.

The numerous practical features include, for example, the additional “AddWash” door, through which you can add laundry to the drum during the entire wash cycle without having to pump out the water – for example if you have forgotten individual items of laundry or quickly add something comes. Or the hygiene steam program, which uses additional steam to remove odors, germs and allergens from laundry.

In addition, for intensive cleaning at low temperatures, the detergent is converted into “active foam” before being added to the drum, so it penetrates the textiles better and ensures thorough cleaning even at low temperatures. The operating concept of the WW80T654ALX / S2 is called “Simple Control” – and the name really says it all: The machine can be operated easily and conveniently using a multifunctional rotary knob and buttons for temperature, rinses, spin speed and additional functions. The informative display provides program information, updates on the washing status and, if necessary, even problem solutions.

The “WiFi Smart Control” operating concept enables simple and largely intuitive control when on the move.

Integration is the key for Washing via app

But what’s really special about the washing machine – and the main reason it’s discussed on this website – is its networking capabilities. Thanks to the Smart Control function, it can be integrated into the WLAN and started and controlled via the app on a smartphone or tablet – including time preselection and status tracking.

It is operated via Samsung’s central smart home software SmartThings, which is available for Android and iOS devices. Setting up the washing machine in the app is done in no time. All control options that are available on the device itself can then also be called up in the app. With SmartThings, the WW80T654ALX / S2 can be operated from practically any location. Via geofencing, the system recognizes when the user is not at home and, if desired, sends a delay alarm to their smartphone before a planned wash cycle begins. You can also be notified if the laundry is not taken out of the machine after cleaning.

The app also includes the integrated washing guide, which guides the user step by step to the optimal washing program depending on the amount, type, color and degree of soiling of the laundry. A mix of different types of textiles can be combined with one another using selection boxes. The current weather conditions are also taken into account in the washing recommendations – this is relevant, for example, if you want to hang the laundry outside to dry.

Samsung WW80T654ALX / S2

Self-learning system thanks to AI

A comprehensive stain guide is also part of the program. A maintenance assistant is also integrated into SmartThings, which lists all activities in a weekly report and, based on this, gives recommendations for action and sends out notifications about the purchase of detergent and fabric softener. Error codes shown on the display can also be easily deciphered in the app.

In addition, the Samsung device constantly learns with the help of artificial intelligence and adapts more and more to the habits and usage needs of its owner. Frequently used programs and options are always displayed first. The SmartThings app or the control panel can also be used to set how many and which programs the machine should display at all. The washing machine can also communicate with compatible dryers from the manufacturer using the “AutoCycle Link” function.

Like all devices networked via SmartThings, voice control is finally possible – either via Alexa, the Google Assistant or Samsung’s own Bixby system. In addition, the Korean company’s smart home system can not only be accessed via smartphone or tablet, but also via smart TVs and smart refrigerators from the manufacturer.

Washing via app – Conclusion

Due to the modern, AI-based connectivity functions, the editorial team gives a clear purchase recommendation for the Samsung washing machine. The WW80T654ALX / S2 earned a “very good” rating in the networking category after washing via app function.

Samsung is offering the device, which is guaranteed for ten years, at a reduced price of around 780 euros.