Washing machine: special programs

Washing machine: special programs
Washing machine: special programs are available with passing time to adapt to the laundry and the needs and facilitates washing clothes

Washing machine: special programs – There are many special programs to adapt to the laundry and needs. Here is a non-exhaustive list

  • The delicate program : For the most fragile textiles (silk and lingerie, etc.).
  • The wool program : For woollens. Some programs are Woolmark Certified (approved by the Woolmark Company acronym for virgin wool).
  • The jeans program : Preserves the colors and materials of jeans clothes.
  • The sheer program : Program allowing, before washing, a cold pre-rinsing of the curtains in order to remove dust residues.
  • The sportswear program : Takes care of the synthetic materials in sportswear.
  • The babycare program : Removes detergent residue as much as possible by increasing the quantity of rinse water.
  • The shirt program : Reduces wrinkles on shirts as much as possible.
  • Short programs : Express program between 15 and 30 minutes in general. For lightly soiled laundry, with a load not exceeding 3 kg.
  • Anti-stain programs : washing machine special Program to fight stains by enhancing the efficiency of laundry.
  • The rinsing + or perfect rinsing program : Additional rinsing to add to the chosen program. It removes all traces of detergent from textiles.
  • The intensive program : Ideal for heavily soiled laundry (work clothes) The washing time is extended from 15 to 30 minutes without increasing the temperature.
  • The half-load program : Used to wash a small amount of laundry.
  • The hand wash program : Special delicate laundry, this program is ideal for delicate clothes. It adapts the temperature, the spin cycle and the drum rotation speed to the delicacy of the laundry.
  • The eco program : Cycle in which the water temperature is somewhat reduced and the washing time extended, thus saving energy
  • The dark color program : Prevents the formation of white streaks on clothing and preserves colors.
  • The easy ironing program : Lets you wash delicate textiles (up to 1 kg) without crumpling them in order to facilitate ironing.
  • The special program for sneakers, tennis : Adapt to washing sports shoes without risk of damage.
  • The waterproofing program allows textiles to be (re) waterproofed for a perfect result.
  • The cold wash program : Wash at 20 ° instead of 40 °, for delicate clothes. At the same time, it reduces energy consumption.
  • The Bed and Bath Program : Suitable for bath towels. High temperature washing.
  • The Magic 40 Programs : Allows you to mix white and colors. Wash at 40 °.
  • The duvet program : Wash at 30 ° to preserve the filling of the most delicate duvets.
Washing machine: special programs