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Want a robot vacuum cleaner? See ten models to buy

robot vacuum cleaners are best way to make cleaning smarter; can also mop for wet cleaning.With simple design to complex tasking is all you want.

Robot vacuum cleaners are an option to leave the house clean without having to spend time on it. During these days, it is interesting to keep an eye on options for robot vacuum cleaners, ranging from entry-level models like the HO041 of Multilaser , sold at R $ 412, to the Roomba S9, the iRobot that rule alone which was collected when returning to base – and costs R $ 9,214.99 at the moment.

Another model that draws attention is the RB-01, vacuum cleaner robot from Mondial that is also good for sweeping and wiping the house, since it is 3 in 1 and comes out at least R $ 474.99 in the national market. Below are ten options of robot vacuum cleaners that can draw your attention.

1.Robot vacuum cleaner: Multilaser HO041 – from R $ 412.66

Multilaser’s robot vacuum cleaner is an option for those who want simpler equipment, without the need for a very high investment. The robot has a 30 Watt battery, has a sensor that prevents falls and a more modest design.

According to the manufacturer, the equipment can clean cold, wooden floors and even carpets. In addition to vacuuming and sweeping, the HO041 can also wipe, which in turn leaves the environments looking even cleaner. The model can be found in value offers starting at R $ 412.66.

2. Robot vacuum cleaner:Mondial RB-01 – from R $ 474.99

The robot vacuum cleaner from Mondial is another option. Despite the more affordable profile, the model is 3 in 1, that is, it also sweeps and rags the house. During Black Friday, it is possible to find the device costing less, for values ​​starting at R $ 474.99. The accessory promises quick and practical maintenance, in addition to being 8 cm high to reach spaces that are difficult to access – such as under furniture, for example. It is worth mentioning that the design is very similar to that of its entry rival Multilaser.

The manufacturer also talks about “greater autonomy of the category”, being able to run for two hours without stopping. Despite this, the product has basic technologies and cannot return to the base alone, for example. Still, it is worth mentioning the fall arrest sensors and the ability to dodge obstacles around the house.

3. Robot vacuum cleaner:Multilaser HO042 – from R $ 649

The HO042, also known as Orion, is another model of Multilaser, but which stands out for its more modern look, aligned with what competitors from higher segments offer. Among the main features, Orion can return to the charging base alone, in addition to offering an improved suction system.

The equipment also has a sensor to prevent falls, a programming function, a 30 Watt battery and a 500 ml capacity. The model can be found in online retail for values ​​starting at R $ 649.

4. Midea VRB81B – from R $ 989

The robot vacuum cleaner from the Chinese manufacturer Midea, has an elegant look with white finish and a small black band where the infrared sensors are located. The model has an intelligent recharge feature, returning the base automatically, and supports remote control.

According to the manufacturer, the device is able to eliminate up to 99.9% of the particles that can cause allergies. The VRB81B can also be wiped in its surroundings and has a filter and a capacity of 300 ml. Midea’s robot is offered for prices starting at R $ 989.

5. ObaBox ObaDuster – from R $ 879.90

The ObaDuster is another model with a very simple design, which, in turn, is very similar to the HO041 from Multilaser and the RB-01 from Mondial, but here it is offered in blue and black colors. The robot offers three pre-programmed routines, as well as an anti-fall sensor and, according to the manufacturer, can work on any floor.

The reservoir of the model has a capacity of 350 ml and the battery life can offer between 2 and 3 hours of operation on a full charge. The robot, which does not have a remote control or function to return the base alone, is offered for prices starting at R $ 879.90.

robot vacuum cleaner

6. Mondial RP-04 – from R $ 1,499.90

The Mondial RB-04 is a model that arrives with a remote control and has the function of returning alone to the base when your battery is running out. The product has a sober design, with details in black and silver colors.

With a 330 ml reservoir, the equipment also has a 1500 mAh battery, which in turn can offer up to 90 minutes of operation. The model is found in offers for values ​​starting at R $ 1,499.90.

robot vacuum cleaner

7. iRobot Roomba 614 – from R $ 1,648.99

The iRobot Roomba 614 is a high-performance robot vacuum cleaner that offers several embedded technologies. The model appears in the Brazilian market from R $ 1,648.99 and has an elegant look, in addition to a low profile that favors its movement through narrow environments.

In addition to features such as a fall arrest sensor and automatic return to the charging base, the iRobot robot has Dirt Detect technology, which uses an acoustic sensor to find the points where there is more dirt, concentrating its performance in these areas.

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8. Samsung Powerbot-E VR5000RM – from R $ 2,399

The Powerbot-E, from Samsung , is a cutting-edge vacuum robot that, in addition to removing dust from the surface, also wipes, making the product 2 in 1. The premium look of the robot comes with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, for example, which is a differential in the segment.

Through the Smart Things app , the product has several customizable configurations, ranging from defining opening hours, but also its mode of operation. In addition, it is possible to integrate the product with connected home services to perform voice commands, such as Google Assistant and Alexa , from Amazon . The model is offered for values ​​starting at R $ 2,399.

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9. Samsung Powerbot VR7200 – from R $ 5,699

The Powerbot VR7200 has a futuristic look and features that make it Samsung’s top-of-the-line option. The robot also has an intelligent display, which indicates the battery level, type of cleaning, scheduled time to work, among other aspects. The design is also reinforced by an acrylic finish that allows you to see the inside of the equipment.

With a premium proposal, the model offers features such as an anti-fall sensor, an advanced suction system and a self-cleaning brush. In addition, the robot arrives with Wi-Fi connectivity for integration with the connected home services – and the consequent use via voice assistants.

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The model can also return to the charging base alone, as well as map the environment for optimum cleaning. Your battery lasts for 90 minutes in quiet mode, 75 minutes in normal mode and 60 minutes in turbo. The model is offered directly on the manufacturer’s website for prices starting at R $ 5,699.