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VENTA Hybrid AH902 Professional: healthy air with app control

Review: VENTA Hybrid AH902 Professional: So for the effectiveness there is a big plus from us . Overall, Not a design object, but highly effective.

An air purifier can be found in more and more households. In times of the pandemic, they could also be called home office gadgets , because pleasant room air is essential for work at home. In addition to some small models for air humidification and also combination versions with ventilation, there is now a real professional among air purifiers. With air humidification and air washing, the VENTA Hybrid AH902 Professional air purifier offers two functions in one device. The manufacturer speaks of ” air humidification through air washing with simultaneous air cleaning “. In the following lines you can read our conclusion from the practical text.

The air purifier or air washer is delivered in a large cardboard box, which, however, also corresponds to the size of the device. Everything has its safe place and is well padded. In addition to the main unit, the power cord for power supply, a remote control and operating instructions are also included. A manageable scope of delivery without a lot of frills. Commissioning is very easy. Only the inner filter has to be freed from its plastic cover and then you can start.

VENTA Hybrid AH902 Professional: gray color & simple design

The VENTA Professional AH902 is completely gray and therefore has a simple and, above all, non-disruptive look. The device is angular, straight and consists largely of plastic. On the underside there are two rollers on one side to make the air cleaner flexible in its position and orientation. The best way to move the air purifier is to hold it on the opposite side by the compartment for the filter and roll it around. Unfortunately, sometimes the subject opens up, you have to be a little careful here.

A tiltable display is integrated on the top , which can be laid flat or set up up to 90 degrees. There is a water tank on the opposite side to the filter. On the back is the connection for the power cable with integrated cable management. In general, the design is really tidy and the flaps and flaps are self-explanatory. In our opinion, the gray look would hardly catch the eye in an office, but more in a home. Not to be confused with an aroma diffuser , the VENTA Hybrid AH902 works on a very professional level and wants to impress with its performance.

Well-resolved display for operation and information

It’s easy to set up. The high-resolution touch display is used to control the VENTA Professional AH 902. The ventilation speed can be configured in five stages and the humidity in a range between 30 percent and 70 percent . A timer can of course also be set. Other options relate more to the general setting of the display or the integrated display for the upcoming filter change and cleaning. The current values ​​of the room air can also be read on the display.

But if you want to operate the Two in One humidifier and air purifier , you can also control it via the app. We are always fans of that, because the smartphone is within reach anyway. The app even works without registration , which is very advantageous. Everything that can be controlled via the display or the included remote control can now be done via the mobile phone. The messages about the empty water tank or the filter change can of course now also be sent via the app. Furthermore, the control with the smartphone works well and the app is clearly designed.

Innovative technology ensures hygienically clean room air

But before we come to the conclusion of the test phase, we would like to go into a little more detail about the integrated technology and the potential areas of application . The simple case has more to offer than you might think. The so-called VentWave is located behind the water tank. This drum-like housing contains a hygiene disc that decalcifies the tap water and prepares it for air humidification . A UVC lamp in the device prevents, among other things, the formation of viruses, bacteria and mold and thus ensures hygienic room air.

The certified Hepa 14 clean room filter reliably filters viruses, bacteria, allergens and the like from the room air. It treats 99.995% of the particles down to a size of 0.07 micrometers. A coarse dust filter removes animal hair and house dust from the air beforehand. With this procedure, the clean room filter is less stressed . The built-in sensors measure the ambient values ​​and the performance is adjusted accordingly. Incidentally, the VENTA Professional AH902 is suitable for a room size of up to 70 square meters.

Filter wheel with plasma activation

The built-in components sound highly effective and arouse curiosity. Areas of application could be the following:

  • Open plan office with several people
  • Room with little ventilation
  • Various rooms in an apartment such as bedrooms, home offices, living rooms
  • Practices and treatment rooms that require hygienic air quality

There are also several reasons for installing such a device in private living spaces. Pollen allergy sufferers, for example, often struggle with symptoms indoors in spring and summer, as pollen gets into the living space through ventilation and through the clothes they are wearing . An air purifier effectively removes this pollen and ensures clean air. The function of air humidification continues to benefit allergy sufferers , as irritated mucous membranes are more sensitive anyway.

Efficient air cleaning for allergy sufferers and sensitive people

In winter, many people struggle with the dry heating air. Here, too, the mucous membranes are often dried out and thus irritated. The warmth also lets dust mites and dust rise up from textiles and carpets . The VENTA Professional AH902 can eliminate both problems with its hybrid functionality. The cleaning and humidification of the air is therefore a great convenience in all seasons and can significantly alleviate symptoms in sensitive people.

The water tank must of course be filled before the first start-up. Since this is very high, this is best done in a deep sink or on the tap in the bathtub . After a test phase lasting several weeks, we were even able to display a history of the air quality, humidity and temperature in the app. Here and there there were slight connection problems, but these also occur with other programs.

Air quality improves noticeably

Once you have found your configuration, the device runs rather casually. In the first two levels , the VENTA Professional AH 902 is not even noticeable . Only from level three does the noise level become more present and working right next to it would no longer be possible in a highly concentrated manner. However , the higher levels are ideal for bringing a room to the best air quality more quickly .

The water tank had to be refilled after a little over a week. For orientation: The VENTA Professional AH902 ran for around eight hours a day and the tank holds 12 liters. The air quality really feels noticeably more pleasant and fresher after commissioning . Especially at the time of day when the sun shines strongly into the room, you could clearly feel the slightly more humid air and find it pleasant . The pollen-allergic partner naturally perceived the improved and, above all, purified room air even more intensely.

VENTA Hybrid AH902 Professional: Not a design object, but highly effective

So for the effectiveness there is a big plus from us . The ease of use via the touch display and app should also be emphasized. Even with small connection problems, which really did not occur often, the usability can be rated as positive . The large water tank makes filling up with 12 liters of water a little tedious, but this also saves you some time from refilling. As with every product, the design is a matter of taste. The lines are clear and the device does not want to attract attention. However, in homes where design is really important, the hybrid air purifier could catch the eye.

However, the focus should of course be on effectiveness. With a price of around 1,200 euros, you get quality “Made in Germany” and benefit from years of experience in optimizing air quality. People with a corresponding need will happily spend this amount if it significantly improves their quality of life . We are happy to make a purchase recommendation. You can see it on Amazon.