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Urikar Pro 3 massage gun with adjustable contra-angle handpiece

Review: Urikar Pro 3 massage gun For a price of around 120 euros you get a solid massage gun that also meets the demands of athletes.

Massage guns are currently experiencing a real trend. Not only do the closed massage practices lead to this, because non-athletes have also discovered these  fitness gadgets for themselves. Most models score points with different attachments and the possibility of transporting the device and accessories. You can find out which criteria the Urikar Pro 3 meets in the following review.

The cardboard box of the massage gun has an unusual design with the black and red checked pattern . The small transport case for the Urikar Pro 3 massage gun is located directly in it. This has a hard shell as an outer cover and a handle . The case is closed with a circumferential zipper. The massage gun is well protected, including the charging cable and proud six attachments.

Urikar Pro 3 with a special design

The Urikar Pro 3 massage gun differs significantly from the competition in terms of design with one factor. The handle is not straight, but slightly inclined. It can also be rotated 180 degrees for better handling, even on difficult parts of the body . It is very easy to use on your own body. The handpiece has a non-slip surface and lies comfortably in the hand.

The housing is made of black plastic and is perfectly processed . The material is light and also robust. The entire massage gun is generally a large model and is not a problem for sporty people to use. Women with small hands could find it a little more difficult to use here. The weight is also an announcement at around one and a half kilograms .

The connection for the charging cable is located on the underside of the handle . This also brings up the first point of criticism, because we are generally not a fan of proprietary power supplies, as these are more difficult to replace if they are lost or damaged. A USB-C standard cable would be more desirable here. There is also a small slider to switch the Urikar Pro 3 on and off and an LED ring to show the charge level .

Easy to use touch unit with display

The display of the massage gun can be found on the back in the upper area . It is operated by touch and always reacts reliably. Integrated LEDs indicate the current battery level. Two two-digit LCD displays show the current running time in minutes and the selected speed level. There are an impressive 30 levels , so you should always hit the perfect intensity. The setting is simple using the touch-sensitive buttons with + and -.

The biggest highlight is definitely the rotatable and also slightly angled handle . This can be rotated 180 degrees in two different positions and clicked into place. However, it can also be used at a different angle without a lock. The weight and size of the Urikar Pro 3 is almost forgotten again with this option. When using it on your own body, this option allows you to always find an optimal and comfortable angle of the grip.

In general, the angled handle makes it much easier to use . When used in the neck area, the shape is particularly beneficial. In order to perfect the massage, all that is missing is the right attachment for the corresponding body region. You can choose from six included massage pieces . Of course, they all find their place in the case.

Easy handling when changing the attachments

In addition to the typical ball attachment made of solid foam, there is also a smaller, solid attachment, a solid shovel shape and an attachment with two prongs. There is a suitable attachment for every part of the body . Switching is quick and easy. Without any further mechanisms, the current attachment is simply pulled out of the head of the massage gun and the new one reinserted with light pressure. A change during the treatment is done quickly and does not interfere with the process.

The supplied operating instructions also explain in an understandable way about the recommended attachments for the individual body regions . So if you are unsure about it, you can just read it there. It is generally true anyway that a slight pain is okay with tension. However, if it hurts a lot, a lower level or changing the attachment may help. If it does not get better, do not use the massage gun at this point.

Convincing through many attachments and intensity levels

Regarding the different speed levels, it remains to be said that it takes a few seconds from the lower to the higher levels for the motor to adapt. This is understandable and does not interfere with the application. The battery life is specified by the manufacturer as around ten hours. We can fully confirm this when used in the lower ten levels. The low volume is also very good. Specified with 42 decibels, the Urikar Pro 3 can also be used parallel to television and nobody in the area could feel disturbed by it. 

But for whom is a massage gun actually useful?

Athletes use a massage gun for faster regeneration after training . If the muscles are treated with the Urikar Pro 3 after they have been used, the affected muscles can be re-trained more quickly. Even after injuries, it can loosen the tissue and loosen stuck fascia. Anyone who has a sedentary job will certainly know a tense neck area . Regular use can relieve and prevent this.

Positive conclusion to the professional massage pepsitole Urikar Pro 3

For a price of around 120 euros you get a solid massage gun that also meets the demands of athletes. If you are looking for a model with more compact dimensions and less weight, you should use a mini massage gun in travel format. The Urikar Pro 3 impresses with its good workmanship and extensive delivery accessories. Of course, the rotatable handle with the angled handpiece for better handling stands out. The particularly quiet engine should also be emphasized. You can purchase it from Amazon.