Unlock smartphone with voice possible with Galaxy S21

Unlock smartphone with voice: Samsung Glaxy S21 offers speech recognition technology to unlock your mobile for the first time.

Forget unlocking with a fingerprint or facial recognition: we may be able to unlock our smartphone with voice in the future. If we are to believe the latest rumors, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 can be tightly unlocked via Bixby, the voice assistant from Samsung.

Unlock smartphone with voice via voice assistant Bixby

According to SamMobile you could tightly unlock the new Samsung Galaxy S21 using your voice. Not with a specific secret voice command: but with voice recognition. A way that voice assistant Google Assistant also applies to smart speakers and displays for inquiring about personal matters.

There seem to be some question marks about the ‘security’ of speech recognition. For example, voice recordings could throw a spanner in the works and malicious people can still gain access to the smartphone.

Voice release with One UI 3.1

Unlock smartphone with voice is possible via voice assistant Bixby is likely to be one of the new features of version 3.1 of One Ui. It probably won’t be an exclusive functionality for the Samsung Galaxy S21.