Two updates for Google : supports multiple accounts and Apple Music

Two updates for Google
Two updates for Google assistant have announced this week which include supporting multiple accounts and Apple Music compatibility.

Two updates for Google: Let Google Assistant users know that they have been given access to the ability to pull information from multiple accounts. If you have already received the option, you will find it under the heading Accounts. When you tap on it, you will see a list of accounts that you have on your smartphone. You can then choose the accounts that you want the Assistant to take into account. For example, the voice assistant can remove agenda items and Meet requests from your other accounts, without having to switch.

Two updates for Google

Unfortunately, there are still some snags to the experience. For example, business accounts are not yet supported, while that would probably be useful for many people. Maybe not in the context of finding a balance between work and private life (especially now that many people work from home), but when you are quickly looking for specific information that can be spread across your accounts. In addition, the integration only works with Agenda and Meets. You can choose which one smart displays and smart speakers can access the info.

The above option is available to the people using the Google beta. You can sign up for that beta in Google Play.

The other addition is available outside of the beta, but is not yet available to everyone: it is now possible to select Apple Music as the music source for the Google Assistant. Any smart speaker or smart display with the onboard assistant can then play music available on Apple’s music streaming service. You can operate the service with your voice and request different types of content (such as individual songs, but also playlists and complete albums), just as you can with YouTube Premium, Spotify and other services.

This puts Google again a little closer to Amazon, which already in 2018 ensured that anyone with an Echo speaker or display with Alexa on board could choose Apple Music as a standard option for the music streaming service. The service will first be rolled out in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan. It is not known when it will be the Netherlands’ turn.