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Twinkly generation 2: Smart Christmas tree lighting

Smart Christmas: Show off your Christmas tree this year in a smart way with Twinkly generation 2 Smart Christmas tree lighting.

Smart Christmas: Show off your Christmas tree this year in a smart way with Twinkly generation 2 Smart Christmas tree lighting.

Given the present times, more and more people are starting to long for Christmas. If you walk around the neighborhood, you will soon notice that many houses have already been decorated for Christmas. You may soon be putting the Christmas tree, but if you really want to show off your tree, the Twinkly generation 2 Smart Christmas tree lighting  is highly recommended.

Nowadays you can make not only your home smart, but also the Christmas tree. For example, you can connect the electronics to a KlikAanKlikUit or Hue plug , but you can also choose to use smart Christmas tree lighting immediately. With the help of the Twinkly lighting , you can make a unique piece of every Christmas tree.

Twinkly generation II

In an earlier review we had already decorated a small Christmas tree with the first generation Twinkly, we were very enthusiastic about the ease of use of the lights and especially the unique atmosphere that they literally radiate. Meanwhile, the second generation is for sale and that gave us the opportunity to immediately purchase a set of 250 lights for the large Christmas tree.

What’s new?

The second-generation Twinkly features new LED lights that, according to the maker, are brighter than the previous generation. This is mainly due to the new lenses and colors. In addition, the control unit, the ‘computer’ that controls everything, contains a 4x faster processor, LED indicator and a microphone.

Smart Christmas tree lighting

Twinkly generation 1 and 2 compared

Because we now have both generations in house, it became interesting to compare both Twinkly’s. Despite this, the second generation has received new ‘lenses’ for bright colors, this is not so bad in practice. Just like the first generation, the second version has beautiful colors and the color difference is not immediately visible. During the day the colors are brighter, but at night they are just as bright.

Smart Christmas tree lighting

What is immediately noticeable is the faster processor. This allows you to switch faster between the different effects and scenes and the control works more smoothly. Adding the microphone is an improvement. This allows you to let the Christmas lights sparkle to the beat of the music. This is also possible for the first generation, but then the app uses the microphone of your iPhone or smartphone, which resulted in the necessary delay.

Link Twinkly and make it personal via the app

The lighting from Twinkly is special in its kind and ensures that you can make your Christmas tree even more personal. The colorful lights can be provided with special effects and patterns, all this is made possible with the help of an application for the iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Connect the Twinkly lighting to the power grid and open the Twinkly app to connect the Christmas lights to your own home network. You can then use the app to control the LEDs.

The Twinkly lighting does not need to be connected to a WiFi network. You can also set this via the wireless network that emits the Christmas lights. For example, you could compile a playlist with effects and switch them on and off automatically based on time. Handy if you want to use the lights in the garden and the WiFi network is not covering enough.

Smart Christmas tree lighting

Smart Christmas tree lighting: Adjust in detail

Each light in the series can be individually given a color and / or effect, but it gets even better. After you have hung the Christmas lights in the tree, you can scan it with the app. This way the Twinkly app knows exactly where each light is located in the tree.

Now that the app has mapped the lighting, it is possible to develop patterns / effects and make real light shows. The possibilities are endless and can be perfectly tailored to your creativity. In the app you will also find standard scenes and the free Twinkly Store with effects that you can immediately download and use in combination with the Christmas lights. 

Smart Christmas tree lighting:Bright and full colors

You have to love colored Christmas lights, but the Twinkly lighting cannot be compared to the traditional colorful lighting. The Twinkly’s are fuller in color and anything but standard blue, red, green LED light. For example, the lights can also display soft pink, purple, green, yellow, warm white, etc. This allows each family member to set their favorite Christmas lights. Thanks to the playlist option, it is possible to compose your own effects and to change them automatically.

Smart Christmas tree lighting

Super smart Christmas lights

The Twinkly lights can not only be controlled via WiFi via the app, you can also activate and change them via Google Assistant and Alexa. That is a nice addition because the Google Home products are also becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. Unfortunately, Twinkly doesn’t support HomeKit by default, but what isn’t may yet come.

Those who own a Homey or HomeBridge can add the Twinkly’s to the Home app and switch them on or off.

Smart Christmas tree lighting

Placement of the lights

When you are going to use this smart Christmas lighting, it is important that you do the installation properly. This means that you start at the bottom or in the middle of the tree and work layer by layer. This gives you the best and most beautiful effect. This is certainly a must for patterns.

Twinkly can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its IP44 protection. Is the coverage of your WiFi not good? Then you can use the wireless connection of the Twinkly’s itself to set schedules and effects.

Smart Christmas tree lighting

Different versions

The Twinkly generation 2 is for sale in different versions, we list them briefly below.

  • RGB LED : High-quality color LEDs with ‘frosted glass’ lens for soft and bright colors, available in 150, 250 and 400 LEDs.
  • AWW LED : Gold Edition with a translucent lens for warm whites, available in 250 LEDs.
  • RGB + W LED : Special Edition with a translucent lens with a ‘frosted glass’ edge on the top for bright colors and warm whites, available in 250 LEDs.
  • Cluster (new!): 400 RGB LEDs in a garland

Smart Christmas tree lighting

Smart Christmas tree lighting – Conclusion

Are you looking for special and beautiful Christmas lighting then Smart Christmas tree lighting is a great choice. With the iPhone app you can set the Christmas lights exactly as you want. The price is much higher than ‘traditional’ Christmas lights, but you certainly get your money’s worth and guaranteed responses like ‘ohh … how beautiful!’.

Pros of Smart Christmas tree lighting

  • Very good quality LEDs, with very beautiful colors
  • Fully customizable to your own wishes
  • Clear app, easy to operate
  • IP44 can be used outdoors

Negatives of Smart Christmas tree lighting

  • Does not support 5Ghz WiFi networks
  • Creating your own animated effects is quite complicated