Turn your Chromebook into a smart display with Chrome OS 88

Turn your Chromebook into a 'smart display'
The new update by Google, Chromebook Chrome OS 88, shares the new function that make it possible to Turn your Chromebook into a smart display

Turn your Chromebook into a smart display: Good news if you have a Chromebook: Google has a new update that allows you to use your laptop as a smart display. With the Chrome OS 88 update, you can use your screensaver more intelligently: showing photos is one of the options.

Chromebook Chrome OS 88 update Turn your Chromebook into a ‘smart display’

Google has announced to start rolling out the new Chrome OS 88 update. With the message ‘Beautify your space with personalized lock screen’, Google shares the new functions that you get when updating your Chromebook.

Personalize your screen saver

Broadly speaking, you can personalize your screensaver and use it smarter, as if it were one smart display is. For example, Google lets you know that you can make it serve as a smart photo frame by letting your photos pass by. No photos herself, then Google uses its own images.

Just like with the Google Nest Hub, your screen saver is also filled with all kinds of information. You can think of the current weather situation and a large time clock. While your Chromebook is locked, are you streaming media? Then you can also operate it on your Google laptop.

“You can use your lock screen to check information like the current weather and what music is playing; you’ll also be able to pause a track or skip songs without unlocking your device, ”said Google in the update announcement.