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Tribit Bluetooth speaker : from compact to powerful

Review: Tribit Bluetooth speaker- we give you a constant overview of Tribit's current lineup, the StormBox Micro, through the XSound Go to the StormBox Pro.

Review: Tribit Bluetooth speaker: The nice weather is finally around the corner and the Bluetooth speaker season is picking up speed. As every year, we give you a constant overview of current models and test a wide variety of speakers for you. This review is all about Tribit’s current lineup. Starting with the StormBox Micro, through the XSound Go to the StormBox Pro – there should be something for everyone.

Three speakers, three sizes and three different types of sound

The manufacturer Tribit may not be known to everyone, but the company is broadly positioned in the field of mobile sound experiences. The latest products want to convince with a good price-performance ratio and current technical features such as USB C and Bluetooth 5.0. You can find out what distinguishes between Tribit Bluetooth speaker in detail in the next section.

Compact, powerful and perfect for the bike: The Tribit StormBox Micro

First of all we will discuss The Tribit StromBox Micro as Tribit Bluetooth speaker. As the name suggests, the StormBox Micro is a particularly compact Bluetooth speaker . At 98.3 × 98.3 × 35.8 millimeters and 257 grams, it is pleasantly compact and light. In addition to a USB C charging cable, the scope of delivery only includes an instruction leaflet with the most important information. The general feel and look is similar to its bigger brother, the StormBox Pro, neat and robust at the same time. The top is completely covered with a kind of fabric. Anyone who knows the typical JBL boxes can imagine the feel of the StormBox Micro in this way

The underside is completely rubberized and provided with a flap. This is perfect for attaching the speaker to a bicycle handlebar or other things. Even on faster trips downhill, the box held securely and did not slip thanks to the rubber strap . The speaker is operated as usual via the smartphone or the three buttons on the top. There is a button for louder, quiet and play pause.

The rubber strap is hooked in and then sits firmly

On the side there is the on / off switch, the Bluetooth pairing button, the USB C charging port and six LEDs for the battery indicator. Tribit specifies the playing time of the StormBox Micro with up to eight hours. At higher volumes, we came to 6-7 hours . If you listen to music at a moderate volume, however, the 8 hours are barely achievable .

The most important thing about a box , namely the sound, surprised us in particular with the StormBox Micro. The general feel, appearance and operation are more or less common for the price range. However, the sound quality in terms of size is surprisingly good. The built-in bass boost ensures a voluminous sound with decent bass. Even smaller garden parties are possible with the StormBox Micro. If you want, you can also couple two speakers for stereo sound.

At a price of around 37 euros , the StormBox Micro offers decent workmanship, a waterproof housing, modern connections and a really rich sound. Only the battery life could be a bit longer. In addition to the black color variant, there is also a gaudy orange model .

Price attack with the XS0 and Go: What can you expect acoustically for less than 30 euros? XSound Go – A Tribit Bluetooth speaker.

Now we come to another compact box , the Tribit XSound Go. It has the “classic” elongated shape and is also pleasantly light at 390 grams. In the scope of delivery there is nothing to marvel at besides the USB C cable and the operating instructions. The workmanship is okay here too . Although the speaker is made entirely of plastic except for the metal grille on the front , the XSound Go doesn’t feel cheap.

On the underside there are a total of four rubber feet for a better hold on different surfaces. A fabric cord is integrated on the side so that you can hang the box on your backpack, for example. The USB C port for charging is behind a rubber cover on the back, there is also an AUX connection for people who want to listen to wired music .

The USB C charging port is covered by a rubber cap

As usual, it is controlled with the standard buttons on the top . Unfortunately, there is no battery indicator. Tribit states a full 24 hours of running time. 18-20 hours are more realistic, which is still a really good value. Combined with the compact size, full water resistance and Bluetooth 5.0, these are really solid data at a price of less than 30 euros .

In terms of sound we have to divide the XSound Go into two areas. If you turn the volume up to around 70 percent , you get a really solid sound for the size. Even a bit of bass is noticeable and this is completely sufficient for a bike ride or a relaxing day in the park or on the beach . Only at volumes over 80 percent does the Bluetooth speaker start to scratch easily and the bass is missing.

So if you are looking for a loud and powerful box , you should look for another model. Otherwise, you can get  a travel-ready package with modern technology and great battery life for around 29 euros . In terms of color, you have a black or optionally blue model available.

Like all other models, the XSound Go is completely waterproof

For everyone who wants something more: The Tribit StormBox Pro

Last but not least, we come to our conclusion about the largest model in the series , the StormBox Pro. We don’t have to mention the scope of delivery again here, as it is identical to that of the other two boxes. We really liked the feel and look. The top and bottom as well as the handle are rubberized. This ensures a soft and non-slip stand. Otherwise, the box is completely covered with the robust fabric cover. With a weight of almost one kilogram, the StormBox Pro already plays in a different league than the loudspeakers just presented.

The buttons for control are also here on the top. However, there is another button with the words “XBass”. As the name suggests, this button provides an amplified and deep sound. The USB C port for charging is hidden  behind a rubber cover on the back. A little specialty: There is a USB A port where you can charge your smartphone, for example .

The USB A port is used to charge external devices such as smartphones

The StormBox Pro is also  completely waterproof and therefore ideally suited for outdoor use. The built-in battery is really decent with 10,000 mAh (measured at 3.7 volts) and, according to Tribit, should provide up to 24 hours of gaming time . Depending on the volume, we find around 20 hours to be realistic, which is still a solid value.

Conclusion to the StormBox Pro: A stylish loudspeaker with a small deficit

In summary, the StormBox Pro represents a stylish package of optics, haptics and features such as water resistance. The sound is much more spatial and, above all, fuller than with the other two speakers thanks to the round housing. However, the StormBox Pro is also in a significantly higher price range at 119 euros .

If you turn the volume up to over 80 percent , the speaker unfortunately starts to sound a bit clanky . At the price, direct competing models such as the Soundcore Motion Plus can do significantly better. So if you don’t want to listen to music at high volume all the time, the StormBox Pro is a well-made Bluetooth speaker with a solid battery life . You can find more information and the purchase option on the manufacturer’s website . As soon as the box is available on Amazon, you can find it under the link below.

The StormBox Pro also cuts a fine figure indoors

After testing all three models, we were able to identify a clear winner for ourselves : the StormBox Micro. It is not only small and compact, but also offers the best price-performance-sound ratio. In addition, features such as water resistance and the variable rubber loop ensure a lot of fun on the go. In our opinion, those who get by with just under 8 hours of battery life will get the best overall package. 

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