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Touchless Video Doorbell: markets a contactless smart doorbell

Touchless Video Doorbell does its job without a touch. In a time of no touching and keeping distance, this is a nice solution.

Touchless Video Doorbell: This was of course also announced during the online tech fair CES 2021, the news is coming over the counter like hot cakes at the moment. Yet this is news of a different caliber, a smart home product is already smart, but a smart home product that helps against the current pandemic seems even smarter to us.

Touchless Video Doorbell

It is a smart doorbell that does its job without a touch. In a time of no touching and keeping distance, this is a nice solution. In addition, they like convenience, so it is already an innovation with an eye for the future.’s contactless video doorbell looks a bit the same as other smart doorbells. The Touchless Video Doorbell has a 1080p HDR camera and night vision. In addition, there is also a small speaker and microphone, which makes it possible to communicate with the person at your door. The distinction of this smart doorbell compared to others is in the contactless, you no longer have to press the bell to ring the bell.

Contactless smart doorbell with doormat

How it works then? There are two ways. The contactless smart doorbell rings when a person is detected in front of the door, that is one. And the second way is a doormat, when you stand on the doormat, the bell is automatically rung and the resident receives a notification. In both cases it is recorded with the camera and you can see who is at the door.

And the biggest benefit is that in both cases no physical contact is required, it is easy and also a handy smart home product during the current pandemic.

Price and availability contactless smart doorbell’s contactless smart doorbell is well positioned in price compared to other smart doorbells if you ask us. The Touchless Video Doorbell is available for $ 200, which is around € 164, -.

Availability is less of an issue for smart home enthusiasts from the Netherlands. You will have to obtain the smart doorbell via a different route than via the Dutch market, because for the time being it is not known when the contactless smart doorbell will be for sale in the Netherlands.