Tizi spiral cable USB-C to Lightning – a useful Apple accessories

Tizi spiral cable USB-C is Apple's approved stretchable charging cable that can use outdoor & indoor charge from 0 to 50 percent in just 30 minutes

Since 2019, Apple has finally been supplying USB-C fast chargers in the original scope of delivery of the iPhones. Those who have previously only used USB-A to Lightning cables will now have to gradually switch to the USB-C variant. The accessories manufacturer Tizi, from whom we have already tested the Tizi Knubbis and the Tizi Tankstation Pro , recently started offering the tizi spiral cable Ultra and we have tested it.

Tizi spiral cable USB-C

The manufacturer advertises its latest cable with the slogan ” 30 to 100 in just one second “. This does not mean the charging speed, but the length, because the greatest specialty of the USB-C to Lightning cable is the stretchable spiral. In the normal state, the tizi spiral cable Ultra is around 30 centimeters long, if necessary it can easily be stretched up to 100 centimeters . This can be useful for many charging situations: For example in the car, where unnecessarily long cables are often annoying. Also on the bedside table, a short cable creates space for other things. If you do want to pick up your iPhone, the stretchable tizi spiral cable can do that without any problems.

Certified by Apple and with PowerDelivery (PD) support

In addition to the bright red appearance, which is also available in black for lovers of the discreet look , the tizi spiral cable also offers decent technical data. The charging cable is certified by Apple and also supports the USB-C PowerDelivery standard. Together with the iPhones, this enables a charge  from 0 to 50 percent in just 30 minutes. In our test with an iPhone 11 Pro, we were just able to achieve this value. In addition to the FastCharging function, the cable can also be used to transfer standard data. If you are looking for a robust and stylish cable with PD support, the stretchable cable from Tizi at a price of around 29 euros is definitely a good choice.