Tips for using washing machine

This article will provides you tips for using washing machine so you can understand your machine better and wash clothes conveniently.

In this article you will get tips for using your washing machine in order to get maximum performance and life of machine.

Avoid overloading your washing machine

The loading of the machine depends on two factors:
Of the textile: depending on the nature of the textile, the filling of the machine is not the same:

washing machine
  • cotton, linen: drum full but not overloaded
  • synthetic: drum half its volume (1 kg of acrylic is larger than 1 kg of tea towels)
  • wool and delicate: drum at a third of its volume, reducing friction and thus limiting the risk of felting.

Soiling of the laundry : Reduce the load if it is heavily soiled.

Use of laundry

For optimal washing, follow the doses recommended on the laundry packages, both liquid and powder. An overdose causes foaming which is harmful to the proper functioning of the washing machine, makes rinsing of the laundry less efficient and can be irritating to the skin. It is the combination of the mechanical action, the water, the duration of the cycle and the detergent that make the laundry clean.There are detergents suitable for white textiles that withstand temperatures up to 90 ° C, and ‘others suitable for colored clothes for temperatures between 30 and 60 ° C. The hardness of the water will have an impact on the effectiveness of the laundry. If it is soft, little detergent is needed, if it is hard we will use more detergent.

  • Heavily soiled textiles: high temperature washing (from 60 ° C) + powder detergent.
  • Lightly soiled, delicate or colored textiles: wash cold or at low temperature (between 30 and 40 ° C) + liquid detergent.

Period of use of washing machine

Thanks to the delayed start present on a large number of washing machines, washing during off-peak hours is possible thus allowing savings.

Additional tips for washer-dryers

Cycle washing and drying

It is possible to follow the drying cycle directly after the washing cycle depending on the quantity of laundry in the drum. For a washing half load, it is possible to combine washing and drying. However, there are some large capacity washer-dryers, offering you to combine a washing + drying cycle for a load of 5 kg.

Delicate textiles

Please note, depending on the textiles, the use of the dryer is not recommended. It is therefore essential to read the labels of your clothes carefully, checking the symbols. If in doubt, dry delicate textiles, such as acrylic ones, at low heat. Some models offer programs adapted to wool, for example.