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Timers Ikea app can take into account sunset and sunrise

Ikea introduced a new update of its app called Timers Ikea app, that can take into account sunset and sunrise for your convenience

With the Timers Ikea app you can, among other things, control the smart lamps from Ikea; the lamps we know under the name Trådfri. You can switch those lamps off and on at fixed times, just as you can with lamps from Lifx, Philips Hue and Innr, for example. Philips Hue is perhaps still the most extensive smart light system available today, but the competition is now taking steps to catch up.

Download the Timers Ikea app for Ikea Home Smart

One of those competitors is of course Ikea, with its Trådfri range. This may not be Hue’s biggest competitor, but the lamps can serve as an alternative for when you want to spend less on smart lamps in the house. In addition, you can include those lamps in an existing Hue network, if you already have lamps from Signify, the company behind the lamps, installed in your home.

If you have been using Ikea Trådfri at home for a while, we now have good news. The free app, available for Android and iOS, has been updated to add a useful feature. You can now have the timer of the lamps respond to the sunset and sunrise, just as you can with the lamps from Hue, for example. This setting will appear when you have downloaded and installed the update, and when you go to the timer settings within the Home Smart app.

You can also set the timer to take into account the sunrise or sunset to a certain extent. For example, the lamps can switch on just before the sun goes down or go out just after the sun rises. The options can be found within the Ikea app.

With the Home Smart app it is also possible to operate other products from the Swedish furniture maker, such as the smart roller blinds or of course the speakers that work in conjunction with Sonos developed. Furthermore, the update adds support for Silver shine the dimmable lighting for bathrooms.