The evolution of cooktops

The evolution of cooktops
The evolution of cooktops: At the very beginning of their appearance, induction hobs were only made up of 4 hotplates, and a timer.

The evolution of cooktops: The first hobs were gas hobs, then the electric hob appeared, then vitroceramic and finally induction.

The evolution of cooktops

At the very beginning of their appearance, induction hobs were only made up of 4 hotplates, and a timer. Today, with the appearance of new technologies, they have acquired new functions and have thus become a centerpiece of the kitchen.

The evolution of cooktops: Timers

A large part of the tables are composed of at least one timer, thus making it possible to program the correct cooking time, once the time has elapsed the fireplace will automatically stop. More and more tables are equipped with 4 timers: 1 per household


The booster button increases the heat production of the fireplace. On some tables, each household has its own booster.


Exit the buttons, the controls have become sensitive and electronic.

The evolution of cooktops: security

Multi-security has become common to all tables, their names differ according to the brands but the functions are the same. We find, the detection of pans, and small utensils, anti-overflow and anti-overheating among others.

Memory button

Key used to store both the power and the duration of a cooking in memory.

Multizones or modular zones

The principle is as follows: Inductors placed side by side under the hob cover the cooking surface, thus allowing the modular zone to adapt to each accessory. The inductors that compose it are independently controlled. Inductors not covered by a container will automatically disconnect. These areas allow the use of containers from the blini pan to the Dutch oven. The induction zone becomes intelligent, it adapts to the container by detecting it and limits the heating zone according to the size detected, thus making it possible to limit energy consumption.

The evolution of cooktops:Functions

Depending on the brand, the names of the functions differ, but their functionalities are the same. For example, the Tempo function can be found on some Sauter tables, allowing you to view the time elapsed since the last power change on the hotplate. The Stop & Go function from another manufacturer, allowing you to pause cooking and restart. The keep warm function. And many others.