The Different Types of Refrigerators

In the modern Era, there are Types of Refrigerators can be considered before buying by looking at the selection criteria.

there are different types of refrigerators and Before looking at the selection criteria to determine the ideal refrigerator, it is important to know beforehand which type of refrigerator you want to go.

Types of Refrigerators

Cube Refrigerator

The cube refrigerator or even mini bar is compact, often less than 60 cm high. Additional storage of a small quantity of food. Often used in an outdoor kitchen, an office or a personal bar.

Types of Refrigerators

Types of Refrigerators:TOP refrigerator

Small refrigerator, height about 85 cm. Particularly suitable for small spaces, it will be ideal for a studio, a student room or a small kitchen. Can be hidden under a worktop. It can be equipped with a freezer compartment allowing the conservation of products. The freezing power of this zone varies, ranging from -6 ° to -18 °, and is measured in stars.

1 All Useful Door

The refrigerator consists only of a space intended for the conservation of fresh products in its entirety. Ideal for a family that already has a freezer.

1 door with freezer

2-in-1 refrigerator, equipped with a large fridge freezer part but also a freezer part located inside the refrigerator, allowing to keep or freeze according to the number of stars of this one. The more stars the device, the better its insulation and preservation ability. Please note that freezers ranging from 1 to 3 * allow products to be kept for longer and are in no way a freezing zone (freezer 4 *)

starsTemperaturesShelf life of frozen food
*– 6 °Up to 2-3 days
**– 12 °Up to 4 weeks
***– 18 °Until the optimal date
****– 18 °Allows freezing of fresh products and keeping them for up to 12 months according to the maximum recommended time for each

Types of Refrigerators:Double door

Many people confuse them, however their refrigeration circuit is quite distinct. A double-door refrigerator has a single refrigeration circuit and a temperature sensor in the refrigerator, which determine the start of the compressor. The refrigerator feeds the freezer. At low temperatures the winter switch must be activated manually in order to guarantee the desired temperature in the freezer. In addition, on a double door the freezer is located in the upper part of the appliance and the refrigerator in the lower part. The handsets, on the other hand, have two refrigeration circuits as well as separately adjustable temperature probes for the refrigerator and the freezer. Thus allowing to fix the temperature of the refrigerator and the freezer in a precise and independent way. On a handset the freezer is located on the lower part of the appliance, while the refrigerator is located on the upper part.

Types of Refrigerators:Multi-doors

It is a 2-door refrigerator and a multi-level drawer freezer.

Types of Refrigerators:Americans

The most voluminous model, often intended for large families, or for households wanting to give a certain character to their kitchen. It has 2 doors, the left one for the freezer section, and the right one for the refrigerator section. Most models now have a water and / or crushed ice dispenser.

Types of Refrigerators