The different types of heating systems for ovens

There are 4 main types of heating systems for ovens:natural convection,hot air,steam and microwave.moreover built-in ovens are convection/fan heat.

There are 4 main types of heating systems for ovens: natural convection, hot air, steam and microwave.
The two most common heating systems in built-in ovens are natural convection and fan heat.

 heating systems for ovens

Natural convection

Also called traditional cooking, the principle is as follows: the air in the enclosure is heated by resistances located at the bottom (hearth resistance) and at the top (vault resistance). The air circulates freely in the enclosure of the oven, but vertically. Cooking takes place on a single level.

The rotating heat

Also called forced convection, the principle is as follows: the air circulates in the oven thanks to a fan located on the bottom walls of the enclosure. There are two types of fan heat : Pulsed heat : a circular resistance, associated with a turbine are located on the rear wall of the enclosure. The circular resistance is the only one that heats up, the vault and sole resistances do not work. The air from the furnace is drawn in by the turbine and heated as it passes by the resistance; once hot, it is “pulsed” from the sides. The heat stirred : The vault and floor resistances operate simultaneously while the turbine placed at the bottom of the oven stirs the air.

Steam cooking

The ovens with this heating system allow you to cook, reheat without drying out, defrost and much more. Two operating modes: either the heating element is in the cavity, most of the time on the floor, thus allowing water to be transformed into steam in the oven enclosure. The heating element is in a tank and the steam is then sent into the cavity.