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The best WiFi smart power strips of 2020

This article will guide you to choose best smart power strips avaiable in the market for the year of 2020 so you can chose the best one for your smart home.

I have created a list of the best smart power strips you can buy.

This device is great for connecting multiple devices thanks to its power outlets and USB ports and you can also control everything with your voice, if you have an assistant.

If you prefer to save reading, I recommend the Taococo for its price and performance.

Go for it.


The Taococo is a smart price-quality power strip.

It has 4 power outlets that can support a total power of 16A and that also allows them to be controlled separately.

It also has overload and surge protection , so you can connect whatever you want with peace of mind.

Like its 4 USB ports , in which you can connect various devices you need.

In addition, you can control it through Alexa , Google Assistant , IFTTT and other applications.

I really like the round and thin design, which you can put anywhere.

Perhaps another USB port would have been useful, but I prefer it that way so that it takes up less space.


The Maxcio is an interesting smart power strip.

It has 3 power outlets that support 10 Amps  and all of them can be controlled separately through Alexa and Google Assistant .

It also has 4 USB sockets , so you can connect multiple devices to them.

Personally I see it somewhat wide for the connections it has, but the number of USB ports makes up for it.


The Brennenstuhl has 4 power outlets and no USB ports .

It supports a maximum of 16 Amps , so I don’t think you will have a problem connecting some devices, but just in case check the consumption of what you want to connect.

It has overload protection , which guarantees safety for your devices.

Obviously you can control it through Alexa , Google Assistant and the Smart Life application .

A powerful power strip with a quality and interesting price if we have little space and do not need USB ports.

How to choose the best smart power strip

I’m going to give you some tips so that you know how to choose the best smart power strip for you.

Smart power strips with WiFi

Remember that all these smart power strips have WiFi to connect to your network or at least they should.

But beware, so far they are only available for 2.4GHz WiFi networks , so either you use a double 5GHz WiFi network to navigate and 2.4GHz for your devices or change yours to the latter.

Size Matters

There are narrower strips and others are wider, so you have to see if it fits where you are going to place it .

Normally you should not have problems, but if it is going to be in sight, perhaps a narrower one will suit you better, even if it is longer.

Power suppliers

Today you can buy a smart strip with different numbers of sockets , such as 3, 4 or more and you have to see how many you need.

Obviously if you only need 1 or 2 sockets, maybe you are more interested in a smart plug, for which I recommend you check out my guide to the best smart plugs .

Maximum supported power

You have to know that every strip has a maximum power limit that it can withstand .

On the one hand there is the power it supports per socket and then the power it supports in total.

Think carefully that you are going to connect to take it into account.

Protection for overloads and surges

I recommend a smart power strip that has overload and surge protection .

In this way, it will protect the devices that you connect to them, thereby giving you peace of mind.

USB ports

The good thing about this type of terminal strip is that most have several USB ports .

Every day there are more devices that are charged through a USB port and it is silly to occupy a full power outlet for it.

Remember that USB ports usually have a power limit that they can give, especially for fast charging devices.

Remember that usually USB ports cannot be controlled separately .

Control with Alexa or Google Assistant

Although many of these strips can be controlled by applications such as IFTTT or others.

Ideally, you can control it through Alexa and the Echo or Google Assistant devices and your Google Home, so that on the one hand you do everything with your voice and on the other you can create daily routines.

For example, that at one hour at night a device is turned off, if you go on a trip, everything is turned off, etc.

My opinion on smart power strips

I think that smart power strips are a wonderful invention and I personally have one behind the television.

There I have connected the Smart TV, a Raspberry, a hard disk and the console, and I can turn them on with a simple voice command.

I hope this guide is useful for you to buy yours.

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