The best smart doorbells and door locks at the moment

Review: this article presents an overview of the best smart doorbells and lock available in the market right now (2020/2021)

Smart doorbells and door locks are useful front-door tools that can make a lot of things easier. In this article we mainly look at the best models that we have tested over the past year.

The best smart doorbells and locks of 2020/2021

There are several reasons why smart doorbells are incredibly useful. When someone rings the doorbell, you will automatically receive a notification on your smartphone and you can see who it is. So you always know who is at the door. In addition, it is possible to get in touch with that person, via two-way audio. The smart doorbell must have a speaker and a microphone, but that is often the case. For example, you can tell a delivery person that he can drop the package because you will be home in a few moments.

Combining a smart lock with such a smart doorbell is even more convenient, provided it is an extended version. With a smart lock you no longer have to think about taking your keys with you. You can often set those things so that they unlock the door when you arrive. And otherwise you can get the door open via the app. More extensive variants also let you operate the lock via the internet, so that you can let someone in when you are not at home. In addition, there are often additional accessories that can be connected to expand the options.

What should you pay attention to?

You don’t just buy a smart doorbell. Obviously, a decision process precedes this, in which you compare all kinds of pros and cons. You also have to take into account all kinds of properties of the smart doorbells. Although the products are similar, there is often just enough difference to choose one product instead of that other. Apart from that, design is also just very important, since you hang the doorbell by the front door and everyone who rings the bell sees that device hanging.

The technical aspects are also very important. For example, what about the range of the WiFi antenna? Is there support for multiple types of networks? And how does such a doorbell work with your possible mesh network ? Moreover, integration with other parts of your smart home is also important. What systems and platforms does such a doorbell work with? Are you going for one that only offers support for Google Home and the Google Assistant, or would you rather see Amazon Alexa supported as well? Think about what is important to you in advance.

Because smart doorbells are simply products with a targeted function, it is also important to be aware of all kinds of functions. Think, for example, of support for high dynamic range, for better images. Or to what extent the movement zones can be adjusted, so that you do not receive false alerts every time when movement takes place. In some cases you can even leave a message when you are absent. The app is also a very important factor because you often have to deal with it.

In addition to image quality – such as resolution and night vision – audio quality is a part that you should pay attention to. This way it is useful to know whether someone understands you well at the door and whether you can hear them. Many smart doorbells also have a subscription that you have to take into account, which can provide extra functions. Fortunately, in some cases this is not necessary. It is also just what you want, of course, so do good research into this in advance and read about the various options.

A number of things also apply to smart door locks. Do you enter quickly and easily after installation? Can you let other people in effortlessly? And what about the free app and any accessories? Many smart locks are basically the same and ensure that you can leave your keys at home. It is precisely the extra functions that ensure that you get a useful product. But keep in mind that you have to pay a lot for all that extra functionality.


In this article we list the best doorbells and door locks of 2020, based on the many reviews we have published in recent years. However, we have not (yet) tested everything and that is why we also mention products at the bottom of this article that are well received by consumers and other media.

Arlo Video Doorbell

One of the better smart doorbells of the moment is the Arlo Video Doorbell. This bell has a unique aspect ratio of 1: 1, so you can also check if there is a package at the door. The maximum resolution is 1536 by 1536 pixels and the viewing angle is quite large at 180 degrees (although it appears that the device cannot quite make it). You can also count on two-way communication, night vision, digital zoom (up to twelve times), a siren and an adjustable activity zone, so you don’t get false alarms.

Unfortunately, this model has no local storage capabilities. So if you want to watch the recorded image, you need to take out a subscription. You then get extensive motion detection, which distinguishes between people, animals and objects. The images are stored for thirty days; after that you lost them. The design resembles a Nest Hello, but fortunately the model has its own face with its longer design. The build quality is very sturdy, so the doorbell can also take a beating.

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Marmitek Buzz LO video doorbell

A somewhat simpler smart doorbell is the Marmitek Buzz LO. This model can record images in Full HD resolution and has a viewing angle of 145 degrees. In addition, there is both a microphone and speaker, so you can come into contact with someone at the door. There are also things like night vision and you can save images on an SD card, which is not included. If you prefer not to, you can always choose to take out a subscription, but then you will spend more on this product.

You can see the design as a take-it-or-leave-it deal. The matte black plastic casing will not look neat on every front door, especially if you have a modern front door installed. But this product is useful anyway for the people who have already invested in other Marmitek products, who all work with Tuya . In any case, the system is smaller and less noticeable compared to other products in the market. It is also good to know that an IP54 certificate is present, so the LO can withstand a rain shower.

Eufy Security Video Doorbell


A somewhat elegant option might be the Eufy Security Video Doorbell. This is a doorbell of Chinese origin, offering a maximum video resolution of 2560 by 1920 pixels (higher than the smart doorbells mentioned above). The horizontal viewing angle is 120 degrees, the vertical viewing angle is 90 degrees – for example, you can also clearly see whether a package has been placed in front of the door. The plastic housing is provided with an IP65 certificate, which means that it is not only dust-free, but can also withstand the Dutch rain showers.

The model comes with a rechargeable battery and wide dynamic range support for a wider color palette. There is also a microphone and speaker, so you can come into contact with people at the door. It is also good to know that night vision is also available and that the necessary base station, where the recorded images go, is included. This base station can also be used for other Eufy products, such as the various security cameras from the manufacturer.

Ring Video Doorbell 3


Ring is the manufacturer who made the idea of ​​the smart doorbell large and accessible. Last year, the company released two new versions, namely the Video Doorbell 3 and 3 Pro. We have tested the former version, which you can mainly see as a more luxurious and extensive version of the Ring Video Doorbell 2. Below you will find a link to the review. of these two handy, smart doorbells.

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 has at least a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, a viewing angle of 160 degrees and support for night vision. You can connect the doorbell to the electricity network, but you can also use it via the supplied battery. In addition, the Video Doorbell 3 is quite sturdy and can withstand rain and both high and low temperatures. The design has since become characteristics: from a distance you can immediately see that you are dealing with a Ring. It is also good to know that a 5GHz network is supported.

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Nest Hello Smart Doorbell


This is one of the oldest doorbells on the list, but it is still a great product. The device sends images in high definition to your smartphone and has a viewing angle of 160 degrees. In addition, you can of course receive and send audio with it. The images offer support for high dynamic range, which makes use of a wider color spectrum. This also allows the camera to adapt better to light. In addition, Nest Hello is able to recognize faces at the door.

We have already mentioned the design before in this article, with the Arlo video doorbell, and can still speak of a premium design. The design is sleek and modern and simply suits a modern home. Nevertheless, it is a compact product with a relatively large knob and a speaker that is neatly concealed. However, you have to take into account that you connect the camera to the electricity network; you cannot use a battery, as you can with many other smart doorbells.

Yale Linus


The Yale Linus is actually a really nice smart lock, for several reasons. For example, the design looks much less coarse compared to, for example, the Yale Entr , another lock that we have tested at the editorial office. It is immediately clear how to open the lock from the inside, even for people who are less involved with smart technology. The installation is also done in no time, especially if you just take the time to read the instructions. Perhaps the best part is that you can just use your old cylinder.

This means that you do not have to use any other keys. Does that cylinder have a panic function? Then you can use it in combination with the Yale Linus. The app of the smart lock is also clear and does not bury you under functions that you do not want to use anyway. It is also great to see that Yale has also released various accessories, such as a keypad and an internet module. That costs extra on top of the somewhat high purchase price, but with that you really get a lot more out of this extensive smart lock from Yale.