Test ride with QWIC RD11 Performance Series electric bike

Review: QWIC RD11 Performance Series electric bike- This model is mainly intended for the user who makes a lot of miles and is also fond of design.

In 2020, electric bicycle sales exploded, and that is not only due to corona. Where the electric bicycle used to have a very boring image, it is now a means of transport that is used by all ages. In addition, there are various brands that succeed in making incredibly cool and fun bicycles. This article will inform you regarding our test of QWIC RD11 Performance Series electric bike.

Buy an electric bicycle

At Androidworld, we ask our readers many and many questions, including about electric bicycles. Our research shows that 23% have an electric bicycle and another 20% are considering this purchase. The readers are very interested in electric mobility such as electric scooters, skateboards and of course the electric bicycle.


The Dutch QWIC aims to develop innovative e-bikes that get people out of the car and on the bike. Research shows that 80% of car journeys are under 20 kilometers and that is the perfect distance for the electric bicycle. In the development of this means of transport we see more and more technology and design coming back, and that makes it interesting for us. QWIC was kind enough to lend us a bike from the range for a test ride.

The bicycle QWIC RD11

For this test drive we received a copy from the Performance Series with type number RD-11. This model is made for the slightly sportier rider and not (only) for the trips to the hairdresser and the supermarket. We have tested the ‘normal’ version of the RD-11 and there is a so-called speed pedelec variant available that can reach speeds of 40-45 kilometers per hour.

An electric bicycle distinguishes itself from other (electric) means of transport by the pedal assistance. The bicycle cannot move on its own, the motor in / on the bicycle supports the rider while cycling. In the Netherlands and Belgium there is a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour , if you want to be able to cycle faster with support, you buy a speed pedelec and you must wear a helmet and take out insurance, just like with a moped or scooter.

The design

Now let’s focus on the bicycle. QWIC considers design to be of paramount importance and you can see it. The models are not standard bicycles where a piece of technology is attached. The QWIC RD11 has a robust frame with angular tubes that give it a very modern look. Fortunately not so modern that you can no longer recognize a conventional bicycle in it. We have made a test drive on the orange version, if you want to stand out a bit less, you can choose the white or black color. QWIC also makes a difference between boys and girls and there is a version with a high and low bar. As far as we are concerned, they just make 1 model with a low bar that is the same for everyone.

The technique

The normal city bike has two wheels, a frame and a brake, the electric bike has much more of course. The QWIC RD11 uses a rear motor in the rear wheel axle and not a crankshaft drive. The motor delivers a torque of 45 nm and you will notice that when you start cycling, you are at 25 kilometers per hour. In addition to the four different assistance levels, you can also use the gears via the Shimano derailleur, although you will probably not change much if you use the pedal assist. QWIC has opted for a drive with a chain and not by means of a belt (rubber belt) as with the Cowboy eBike .

When you race on the road with this heavy bike (due to the battery) at a speed of more than 25 kilometers per hour, you want to be able to come to a stop quickly. Then normal brake pads are not a good idea and this bike fortunately has disc brakes at the front and rear. As a test, we made an emergency stop with them a few times and they work fine, although it is smart to familiarize yourself with them, there is no ABS and before you know it you will be on the bike path, or worse.

The battery of this bike sits on top of the rod that runs from the steering column to the axle. This is easy to remove with a key and hang on a charger. When the battery is completely empty, it takes 5 hours to fully charge. Standard there is also a 525 Wh Li-ion battery on this bike, if you think that this is not enough, then it can be exchanged for a 735 Wh battery that, like the smaller version, can be read by means of USB. .

The app for QWIC RD11

On the handlebars of the bicycle we find a small monochrome display. With this you can switch between the different supports while pedaling, see the speed and how many kilometers you can still ride with your battery. This display is nothing special and that is not necessary because while driving you do not want to be distracted by a display with all colors and information.

Of course the QWIC Performance Series RD-11 also has an app. This gives you all kinds of information such as your (last) travel distance, average speed and how much CO2 / kg you have saved because you did not go by car. There is also an overview of all your trips over the weeks and days. As far as we are concerned, QWIC still has some work to do when it comes to the app. For example, you have to manually connect the app every time you go cycling, and that is very inconvenient. You can count on your fingers that you forget that or you don’t feel like it and what’s the use of the app.

Besides the above, there are also no extras in this app. There are plenty of fun functions that make having a QWIC much more fun and interesting.

Conclusion QWIC RD11

Before you buy an electric bicycle, you should consider what you will use it for. If you only need it for a ride to the AH or Lidl and to the hairdresser, you don’t buy the QWIK Performance Series RD-11. This model is mainly intended for the user who makes a lot of miles and is also fond of design, technology and reliability.

When you choose this model, you will lose at least 3299 euros. That is a lot of money, but you get a lot of technology and quality in return. When you purchase a bicycle from QWIC you get a standard warranty that you can extend with a four-year warranty plus.

Incidentally, you can also lease a bicycle through work for a year , for which you pay just as with a car addition. The government has set the percentage for the electric bicycle at 7%, which is less than the 8% that is currently usual for the electric car. For longer distances, it is even possible to lease a speed pedelec. These quickly cost 3500 euros or more, but it still costs the driver an addition of 10 euros per month.