Tedee Smart Lock: a new smart door lock

The Tedee smart door lock can be unlocked with your smartphone and has a strikingly beautiful design and is childishly easy to assemble

A ‘new lock on the block’! Tedee joins the list of smart door lock brands. The Tedee smart door lock can be unlocked with your smartphone and has a strikingly beautiful design.

The Tedee Smart lock is simple

Just like many others smart door locks Tedee  can be unlocked via a smartphone. When you walk out the door, the house will be automatically locked. It can also be done manually: if you leave the house, you can press the button itself and hold it down for a few seconds. In the  application you can set how long it should take before the home is locked.

Door opens automatically when you get close

Are you standing at the door with full bags? Then the Tedee Smart Lock can be interesting, since you can set it that when you approach the door, it is automatically unlocked. This is done with the help of your smartphone, whereby you must give Tedee permission to share your location data.

The door is also easy to unlock or lock from the inside. This can also be done with the help of the application, where you can open or close the door with a simple push of a button. This can even be done via an Apple smartwatch.

See who gets access to your home

In the Tedee app you will automatically receive a notification when someone enters the house. By the way, you can always check who has been given access to your house in the past period. Just like the smart door lock from Nuki and Yale, you can give people temporary access to your home with a digital key. Handy for when you go on holiday or for owners of an AirBnB home.

View the possibilities of Tedee  Lock in the video below.

Easy installation of the smart door lock

The door lock is childishly easy to assemble: you replace the cylinder lock for that of the Tedee  Lock, after which you can attach the lock. Then close the Tedee Bridge  to the wall socket and connect it to the WiFi network.

Download the Tedee app on your smartphone or tablet and follow the steps to complete the installation.

Batteries last up to 6 months

By the way, don’t be afraid that you have to disassemble it completely when the batteries are empty. The batteries can last up to 6 months, due to the low energy consumption. Have they run out? Then you can easily charge them with the supplied magnetic charging cable (which can also be connected if the door lock is normally used).

Buy Tedee smart door lock: price and availability

Tedee Smart Lock will soon be available.The price can be found on the Tedee website: for more than 350 euros you can buy the smart door lock with the necessary bridge. This is many times higher than, for example, the Nuki Smart Doorlock, which you can get in your smart home for 269 euros, which is not nothing.