Technological advances of Oven

Technological advances of Oven: Over the years,manufacturers have provided ovens with many features,making them more intuitive and practical.

Technological advances of Oven – Over the years, manufacturers have provided ovens with many features, making them more and more intuitive and practical.

Technological advances of Oven

Here is a non-exhaustive list of Technological advances of Oven that have revolutionized ovens.

Cleaning modes

The maintenance of the oven is facilitated, thanks to the cleaning methods: By catalysis: When heating the oven enclosure to more than 200 ° C, the grease which has been absorbed by the micro-porous walls of the oven, are oxidized and reduced, thus allowing self-degreasing of the oven. By pyrolysis: Heating the oven to a high temperature of 500 ° C is necessary in order to reduce the grease and cooking residues to ash, thus allowing the oven to be self-cleaned.

The cold door

Sometimes also called a tempered door, the oven door is made up of 2 double-glazed panes or 4 panes, in order to insulate the exterior facade of the oven from the heat emitted by the cavity. It thus helps to avoid burns.

The multifunction oven

The multifunction oven allows you to combine natural convection with the heat generated.

Technological advances of Oven:Electronic programming

Thanks to this programming, you can in particular choose the cooking program (white meat, pastry, etc.) for certain ovens. To adapt the oven temperature of the oven according to the food selected and its weight, as well as the cooking time to the nearest minute. It allows a uniform temperature and delayed cooking.

The control panel

Some ovens are always equipped with buttons or joysticks to select the programs. The control panel has been modernized in the image of everyday digital devices by becoming tactile and completely intuitive.

Child safety

More and more ovens are fitted with child safety devices, preventing the oven from opening during cooking but also when the temperature of the cleaning program increases.

The meat probe

A probe is placed in the meat. It measures the temperature at the heart of the meat in order to ensure perfect cooking, for some of them giving the temperature of the meat continuously.

Technological advances of Oven:The double cavity

The double cavity allows double cooking instantly, without odor transfer. The oven compartment has two fans for each of the cooking zones, making it possible to cook both a dish and a dessert. The two cavities are independently programmable.Among the latest innovations to date:

Opening the oven

On the majority of ovens the opening is downwards, the door is drop down, and often serves as a plate rest. In recent years the opening is diversified and today we find other types of opening: On the side: the opening is done either from the right or from the left, the door is said to be lateral. It provides better visibility of the oven enclosure. On rails: The front as well as the oven racks (called the drawer) slide on rails. This type of oven is called a drawer oven. It allows access to the dish while limiting the risk of burns. The elevator: the oven floor goes down and up for direct access to the dishes, at the touch of a finger.

Technological advances of Oven: The steam oven

The dietetic cuisine has developed in the last years. Cooking plays an important role in this. Steam cooking is a worthy representative. To be able to meet this new demand, steam ovens have appeared on the cooking market. The principle is as follows: a removable water tank, in contact with a hot plate, the water turns into steam, which spreads over the walls of the oven. There are 3 types of steam ovens on the market: 1- The low pressure steam oven (from 40 ° C to 100 ° C) . that either arises or fits into a niche provided for this purpose. It works with a water tank placed in the oven cavity or above. Positive point, the oven can be opened at any time.. Its operating mode is the same as that of the pressure cooker. Once started it is impossible to open it during cooking. However, it allows faster cooking and better preservation of the nutritional values ​​of food. 3- The combined steam oven . Neither more nor less than a traditional multifunction oven with each program the choice of adding steam or not. A new feature recently is the steam microwave oven: Like the combined steamer, it is a microwave that offers a steam cooking program.