Technological advances; Evacuation and Condensing dryer;

Evacuation / condensing dryer; Technological advances
Evacuation dryer; Technological advances - it is necessary to put an evacuation duct in order to direct the steam out of the house

Technological advances-The exhaust dryer works as follows: the appliance sucks in the air from the room, heats it by means of resistances and releases it in the form of steam.

This is why it is necessary to put an evacuation duct in order to direct the steam out of the house . After each use, the filter must be free of dust and lint. The condenser dryer, for its part, sucks the ambient air through a turbine to pass it through a condenser before heating it and then ventilating it in the drum. The extracted moisture is collected in a tank which must be emptied after each drying. The condenser must be cleaned every month.

Evacuation / condensing dryer; Technological advances

The heat pump

Technological advances – A rotary compressor and heat pump technology are integrated into the dryer, making it 40% to 50% more energy efficient than a class A appliance. The principle is as follows: the condenser of the heat pump heats the air which will be sent inside the drum. The air is naturally charged with humidity to be directed to the evaporator. In contact with it, the humidity condenses to transform into water which will be recovered in the recovery tank.

Technological advances: Electronics

Technological advances -Fewer and fewer dryers are mechanical. A majority of them have become electronic, thus making it possible to automatically adapt the intensity as well as the duration of the drying according to the degree of drying desired and the nature of the textile (silk, wool, cotton, etc.). This is thanks to the electronic probes integrated into the device. They measure the humidity level during the cycle, and thus automatically adjust the drying time.

Technological advances: Inverter technology

This technology makes it possible to change the direction of rotation as well as the power of the motor according to the information transmitted by the sensors of the machine, thus making it possible to improve efficiency while reducing cycle times. Deferred start: They allow you to program the start of your cycle according to your expectations (departure during off-peak hours).

Technological advances: LCD screens

Some tumble dryers are equipped with an LCD screen which shows the remaining time in particular.