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TaoTronics massage gun: For relaxed and recuperated muscles

if you regularly suffer from nasty tension and want to treat yourself, the TaoTronics massage gun is just the thing for you. For a price of only 95 euros

Back pain is practically a widespread disease and a majority of people are burdened with it. These result from poor posture, too little movement and deep-seated tension. Loose muscle tissue without adhesions can alleviate many complaints. It is not for nothing that doctors prescribe medical massages. The TaoTronics massage gun now makes going to the massage practice unnecessary. With the simple application you can also do something against tension at home.

The TaoTronics massage gun has roughly the typical shape of a weapon. In the front area there is space for the various massage attachments . The handle is completely round and has a non-slip surface. Despite the decent weight of around one kilogram, the massage gun is easy to hold. On top there are some holes in the housing that serve as air outlets for the motor . On the underside of the handle is the proprietary charging port and on / off switch.

TaoTronics massage gun: Effective against stubborn tension

Most important, of course, are the control unit and the display in the rear area. After switching on, the recessed LED ring in the lower area of the handle indicates the battery level with the colors red or green. The display is divided into two parts and shows the current intensity level on the left and the battery level on the right in a clear LCD look. Both can reach a maximum of ten.

In the lower area of ​​the unit there are three touch-sensitive buttons to start the massage and to set the intensity higher or lower. We really appreciate the simplicity of the display and operation of the TaoTronics massage gun. The intensive or pleasantly light massage can be started in just a few simple steps. Since the handling is so easy , even beginners can use the device very well.

Very good handling and enormous battery life

The subject of battery life is also particularly interesting. The same six integrated batteries, each with 2,600 mAh capacity ensure Massage delights for up to ten hours. The included charging cable then fully charges the TaoTronics massage gun within a few hours. The complete accessories can then be neatly stowed away in the storage case supplied . The light material is robust and reliably protects the device.

But who is a TaoTronics massage gun actually suitable for? In principle for anyone who occasionally suffers from tension. In the shoulder and neck area in particular, such a state can become standard due to the sitting work and little compensation. Thanks to the compact design of the massage gun, it can be used on your own body. So there is no need for a partner for a relaxing massage. The device is exciting for athletes, as one application effectively shortens the recovery time of the muscles between workouts . Furthermore, it even prevents the annoying sore muscles

An interesting device not only for athletes

The weight of the massage gun itself can also be rated as advantageous , as it already creates a certain “basic pressure” during use. Depending on your preference, you can then press the device more firmly on the body. So if you regularly suffer from nasty tension and want to treat yourself, the TaoTronics massage gun is just the thing for you. For a price of only 95 euros you can save yourself a trip to the massage practice. The various attachments allow you to work effectively on all body regions . The device is not only an absolute must-have among fitness gadgets for athletes .