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Speedlink Looter Chair Test: Are we convinced by the cheap gaming chair?

Review: Speedlink Looter Chair is a solid overall package . The construction is simple and no additional tools are required. The workmanship is also okay.

Gaming – for some a passion, for others, however, short fun in between. In addition to a mouse, keyboard and headset , a suitable gaming chair is also important for a well-rounded setup. Those who gamble frequently or measure themselves competitively have perhaps already thought about purchasing such an office chair. We tested the Speedlink Looter Chair for you. We classify it as a gaming gadget .

The seams of the artificial leather are properly processed

Speedlink is an established player in the gaming market . In addition to the Looter Chair, all other gaming accessories such as controllers, headsets, sound systems and keyboards are also covered by the company. Today, however, we would like to take a closer look at the Looter Chair .

A typical gaming look and a simple assembly: Speedlink Looter Chair in pink look

The gaming chair was unpacked in no time. In addition to the chair, you will only find a few screws and short illustrated instructions in the scope of delivery . Since a suitable Allen key is also supplied, you do not need any additional tools. The first impression was a bit ambivalent. On the one hand, the Looter Chair looks really chic with its striking gaming look , but the workmanship is also in line with the price. The seams are clean, but the holes for the screws could have been cut out more precisely , for example . All in all, the first impression is mostly positive.

The assembly is almost self-explanatory , you only have to be careful in one point. First you attach the five rollers to the stand with a strong pressure. Then you can put the plastic cover over the hydraulic center linkage and lower it into the base. That takes less than five minutes in total. Then the armrest and the central attachment can be mounted on the seat. Here you have to make sure to choose the right side for the armrests. So turn the seat over briefly and make sure that you have the appropriate side .

Tip: Pay attention to the right side of the armrests when screwing them together (right or left)

Then only the lower part and the backrest have to be attached to the seat . Here, too, you should pay attention to the corresponding pages. The rotary knob for adjusting the seat inclination must later be located between your legs on the front. Once you have completed this step, all you have to do is place the seat including the backrest on the lower part – that’s it! What might sound complicated, takes just 10 to 15 minutes and is really simple. We would only have liked a few washers for the screws, as the sliding openings are relatively large.

What can be adjusted and how comfortable is the chair after sitting for hours?

Once the Looter Chair is assembled, you can start right away. The height of the chair can be adjusted using the lever installed on the side . Since the hydraulic path is relatively long, the chair fits both taller and shorter people. Even plump people shouldn’t have a problem here, as the seat of the gaming chair is pleasantly large . In addition to the lever on the side, you can tilt the entire seat, including the backrest, using a rotary wheel. This is located at the front under the seat. The height of the armrests can also be adjusted individually using a small lever on the side, which is a blessing especially for taller people with long arms .

However, we have one major point of criticism: Unfortunately, the backrest is not really adjustable . You only have the option of tilting the seat including the backrest or moving the backrest further back. A right-angled sitting position is therefore not possible. I can advise against anyone who buys the chair to work. For gaming, however, the position is really comfortable. You lean back slightly and have a good angle to the mouse and keyboard. So I would really make the purchase decision dependent on the intended use.

Even after long periods of sitting, the Looter Chair is still comfortable

Overall, we are satisfied with the general level of comfort . The upholstery has a good balance between hardness and comfort. Even after several hours of intensive gaming and working on the PC, you can still sit comfortably on the Looter Chair . So if you like to go through longer sessions in one go, you will probably not have any problems here.

Conclusion and price: Solid gaming chair with one point of criticism on the backrest

As you can already hear, the Looter Chair is a solid overall package . The construction is simple and no additional tools are required. The workmanship is also okay considering the price of around 170 euros . We particularly liked the general seating comfort of the Looter Chair, Speedlink has found a good compromise between hardness and comfort. The adjustable armrests are just as practical .

The armrests can be adjusted quickly and easily with an inconspicuous lever

Unfortunately, the backrest can only be adjusted backwards , which is also our biggest point of criticism . If necessary, you can take a very relaxed position for this. If you are interested in the gaming chair now, you can choose between a  black / pink and a black / white look. You can find more clever products for the desk at our office gadgets .