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Sonos Replicable Battery Kit introduced with Smart Speaker

Sonos Replicable Battery Kit - Sonos launched an update to its products as it introduced Replicable Battery Kits that you can replace by yourself too

Sonos announced today at CES 2021 a solution to replace the battery of the Sonos Move, the wireless one smart speaker. A complete installation package to replace the battery yourself, which Sonos calls the Sonos Replicable Battery Kit.

Sonos Replicable Battery Kit

The Sonos Move is a wireless smart speaker that you can take anywhere. But, taking it everywhere with you naturally requires a lot of charging. The battery of this portable smart speaker should be able to fully charge about 900 times, Sonos promises in the description of the product.

But, what if you have reached this limit or if the battery no longer charges properly for some other reason? Then we can get started with the Sonos Replacement Battery Kit, in which you will find everything you need to replace the battery yourself.

Replace the battery of the Sonos Move yourself

In the package, which Sonos announced today at virtual CES 2021, we actually discover everything you need. A small – unique looking – screwdriver, two screws and of course the battery. On the Sonos website you can read that the package also comes with a simple instruction.

Buy Replacement Battery Kit

The Replacement Battery Kit is available immediately on the Sonos website. It has a price tag of $ 69, which is converted to just under 60 euros at the time of writing.