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SONORO MAESTRO: All-In-One Reciever, Streamer And CD Player

SONORO MAESTRO an amplifier with a CD player, tuner, internet radio and streamer on board. The Maestro also has analog and digital inputs.

SONORO MAESTRO: The German audio company Sonoro mainly builds table radios, but seems to want to enter the hi-fi component market with the launch of the Maestro. The Maestro is an amplifier, tuner, streamer and CD player and the user only needs to connect two passive speakers. The Maestro can deliver 100 Watts into eight Ohms. That is a bit more than the power of the average table radio. The new Sonoro Maestro should be available at the beginning of 2020.

Sonoro Maestro: Add speakers only


The German-based Sonoro has specialized in the construction of table radios and clock radios, but now appears to be entering the hi-fi components market as well. After all, Sonoro has launched the Maestro, an amplifier with a CD player, tuner, internet radio and streamer on board. The Maestro also has analog and digital inputs. Connection to a network can be established via the LAN connection (RJ-45) or via WiFi. The Maestro even has a turntable entrance. A separate power amplifier could possibly be controlled via the pre-out. A color display is placed centrally.


In the best tradition of the brand, the housing is made of MDF and finished with piano lacquer in high-gloss black or white. The device’s Class D amplifiers, which weigh about six kilograms, produce 100 watts per channel at eight ohms and 170 watts per channel at four ohms, according to the manufacturer. That is more than enough for the average living room.

All common streaming services are natively supported. Then there is also DAB +, FM radio, internet radio and a slot-in CD drive. As with other high-end Sonoro systems, bluetooth connectivity is available in aptX and it works bidirectionally. This means that music from a tablet or smartphone can be sent to the Maestro and at the same time, bluetooth headphones can be used.

A new room optimization app allows the user to adapt the Maestro’s sound to the acoustic conditions of the listening room. The app uses the built-in microphones of the smartphone for the measurement and therefore only works with iPhones at the moment, because, according to the manufacturer, only then can proper functioning be guaranteed.

Price and Availability

The Sonoro Maestro is expected to be available from January 2020 for just under 1,300 euros. The buyer can choose from a black and white version.