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Best Smart Washing Machines to consider while choosing

smart washing machines are really like a normal washing machine with extra options. That means that you still have to pay close attention when you purchase.

Best Smart washing machines: Small laundry, large laundry… smart laundry? With a smart washing machine you never have to be home to turn on the laundry. In this article, I’ll show you what options you have and why you should buy that smart washing machine.

What can smart washing machines do?

A smart washing machine is really just a normal washing machine with extra options. That means that you still have to pay close attention when you purchase. Below is a list of the extra options you may expect in your smart washing machine.

Smart washing machines: Wifi in your washing machine

When you think about it, it might be a bit strange. A washing machine with Wifi. Still, it can be very useful. Especially if you are flexible. Because suppose you want to hang up the laundry as soon as you get home, but you don’t know when you’ll be home yet. Via the app you switch on the washing machine when you leave for home and it stops spinning as soon as you enter the front door. There is no cleaner or fresher-smelling laundry!

Smart washing machines: No more dosing your own detergent

Was it half a cap, a whole one, or two? And did you just add white detergent to the colored laundry? Sometimes we are not quite there. Then it is quite convenient that your washing machine thinks along with you. There are washing machines with an automatic detergent dosing system. You just fill a large tank with colored detergent and white detergent in one go. Your washing machine will then determine for itself how much detergent is needed to clean the entire load.

Smart washing machines: Other options

In addition, there are a few other options in a smart washing machine that you can pay attention to. There are washing machines with an overload sensor. It tells you when you put too much laundry in the machine to wash the laundry optimally.

Another option is the delay start, but you can now also find this on regular washing machines. One option you may find useful is adding laundry later. Because you admit, every time you turn on the washing machine, do you still see that one sock under the bed, or a dirty T-shirt hanging over a chair? With a washing machine like the Samsung AddWash , those clothes no longer have to wait for the next round.

The 5 most popular smart washing machines: sorted by price

Now that you’ve seen what really makes a smart washing machine ‘smart’, it’s time to look at some good examples. Can you picture yourself doing the laundry with one of the great machines below?

1. Beko WTV7740BSC

Are you going to run a smart washing machine? Then the Beko WTV7740BSC is a great option. Because just like many other smart washing machines, with the Beko you can remotely switch on, switch off or check how far the program is already. A small side note. The washing machine works on Bluetooth and not via WiFi. That means that you have a maximum range of about 20 meters. So you will always have to be at home to turn on the laundry remotely.

Advantages of the Beko WTV7740BSC:

  • Load sensor that adjusts water usage and washing program.
  • Brushless motor that consumes little power or makes noise.
  • Bluetooth to turn on the laundry via your phone.
  • SteamCure to steam the laundry before washing.

Disadvantages of the Beko WTV7740BSC

  • No WiFi, so you can’t already turn on your laundry at work.
  • No automatic detergent dispenser.
  • Only 7 kg load capacity.


The LG FH4J3TDN0 looks like an everyday washing machine, but it certainly isn’t. It is a pretty smart washing machine that uses NFC (Near Field Communication). As a result, you can operate the washing machine with your smartphone, but not remotely.

Why this is useful? Especially since you can download specific washing programs. For example for baby clothes, lingerie or jeans. After downloading, hold your smartphone against the Tag On button on the washing machine and the program is set.

You can also use the Tag On button to find out what exactly is wrong with your washing machine if a malfunction occurs. This way you can immediately see for yourself whether you can do something about it and you do not always have to call an expensive installer.

Advantages of the LG FH4J3TDN0

  • Download specific washing programs.
  • Add clothing after the start.
  • Inverter motor for less noise pollution.
  • 8 kg load capacity

Disadvantages of the LG FH4J3TDN0

  • Not possible to operate with Wifi
  • No detergent dispenser
Smart washing machines

3. Siemens IQ500 – WM14T6H6NL

The first real remote-controlled washing machine comes from Siemens. An established brand in the world of consumer electronics, and certainly also for smart washing machines. The Siemens IQ500 is equipped with WiFi, so you can control it anywhere today.

In addition, it is practical that you can select speedPerfect to shorten the washing programs by 65%. In addition, the i-Dos dosing system ensures that you always use exactly enough detergent.

Advantages of the Siemens IQ500

  • Fully programmable remotely.
  • Maximum 8 kilos loading capacity.
  • Detergent dispenser.

Disadvantages Siemens IQ500

  • No hot water connection
Smart washing machines

4. Bosch WAWH2643NL – Series 8

The Bosch Bosch WAWH2643NL – Series 8 is a smart washing machine with a large loading capacity of no less than 9 kg. This way you can do the laundry for the whole family in one go. You can control the washing machine with an app and via WiFi. Even when you are not at home.

In addition, you can give Bosch access to the system in the event of a malfunction. This way, there is no need for an expensive technician to come by if you can solve the problem yourself. Thanks to the load sensor, you always know exactly how much laundry is in the washing machine and what still fits.

Do you do small laundry? Then the Bosch WAWH2643NL – Series 8 uses less water and soap. Because you don’t have to think about that anymore thanks to the i-Dos system.

Advantages of the Bosch WAWH2643NL – Series 8

  • 9 kg load capacity.
  • Can be controlled remotely with WiFi.
  • Very energy efficient.
  • Self-cleaning detergent drawer.
  • Detergent is dosed automatically

Disadvantages of the Bosch WAWH2643NL – Series 8

  • Does not have a stain program
Smart washing machines

5. Samsung WW10N642RPA Addwash 10 kg

The Samsung Add-Wash actually no longer needs any explanation. The device is so popular. Not for nothing by the way. With a load capacity of no less than 10 kg, WiFi to control it remotely, a load sensor and a 15-minute program help you never spend too much time doing the laundry again. Only the dry cleaning will take you less time.

The biggest advantage of the Add-Wash function is that you can just throw forgotten socks or underwear in the washing machine. Even if the device is already busy. You just press the button and you throw in the last pieces of clothing.

Advantages of the Samsung addwash WW10N642RPA

  • Huge loading capacity of 10 kg
  • Can be controlled remotely with WiFi
  • Load sensor that adjusts water quantity

Disadvantages of the Samsung addwash WW10N642RPA

  • No help with measuring the amount of detergent
Smart washing machines

This they were. The 5 best, cheapest or most popular smart washing machines you can buy right now.