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Smart Smoke Detector

Smart Smoke Detector can also detect movement, heat, moisture and carbon monoxide. The fire detector is therefore very diverse.

It’s probably one of your worst nightmares. Wake up while the house is on fire. Especially when you have a family, you want everyone to be always safe. It is not for nothing that more and more people are opting for smart locks or security cameras in the home.

These types of devices ensure that you can always leave home with peace of mind. Even when only your children are at home. Because with the push of a button, you can see immediately with these types of devices whether there is really an emergency situation, or whether someone has baked something in the pan.

Do you want to buy a smart smoke detector? Here you can read everything about the device, the options you have and we also tell you directly which smoke detectors are the most popular.

What does a smart smoke detector do?

Imagine having a smart smoke detector and a fire breaking out in your house. You lie in bed, and suddenly the smoke detectors go off with the so recognizable and deafening sound. You know that you have to get out as soon as possible, but you don’t know what exactly is going on.

A smart smoke detector does not just send you outside. You will also receive a push notification on your phone with the cause of the notification. Maybe smoke in the hall, garage or in the bedroom of one of the children? And if you have a smoke detector like the Nest Protect V2 , you can also see if there is heat or moisture present.

This can help you see if it is a false alarm or not. Even when you are away from home, you will receive these notifications on your phone. Do you want to check if there is a real fire before calling the fire brigade? Then you can also check your security cameras remotely to see if it is a false alarm.


Popular smart smoke detectors

There are quite a few smart fire detectors for sale. Still, there are some devices that are more popular than others. Below you can read more about frequently bought smoke detectors.

Nest Protect V2

The advantage of Nest’s smart smoke detector is that it can also detect movement, heat, moisture and carbon monoxide. The fire detector is therefore very diverse. Another advantage is the ability to easily link the devices to your other Nest smart devices.

Smart Smoke Detector

Fibaro Smoke Sensor

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is able to detect smoke at an early stage, just like extreme heat development. The sensor works completely wireless on batteries and you can easily connect it to all other Z-Wave devices in your house.

Smart Smoke Detector

KlikAanKlikUit ZSDR-850

The ZSDR-850 smoke detector from Trust is an inexpensive device that is equipped with a handy app. In that app you can set certain actions and scenarios. You do need several devices with Zigbee for that. For example, you can switch on the lights via a smart plug when fire or smoke is detected in the house.

Smart Smoke Detector

What choices can you make?

First of all, you are of course looking for a smoke detector. You want to guarantee the safety of your home. But after that there are still quite a few choices you can make to hang the best device on your ceiling.

Smoke detector, fire detector and CO detector in one

A smoke detector is nice to have, but what if the smoke does not reach the sensor quickly enough? Then a fire detector with heat detection can come in handy. The heat from a fire quickly radiates throughout the room, so that you can be alarmed by various triggers in the event of a fire. For example, the Nest Protect V2 has a sensor for smoke, heat, moisture and carbon monoxide . That is a versatile device that alerts in different situations.

Connectivity, links & smarthome protocols

It is also useful to look at your current or desired smarthome platform. For example, you can choose from Google Home, Apple Homekit or Amazon Alexa. All these platforms can be connected to their own devices. If you buy a device that cannot communicate with these platforms, you may miss some of the benefits of those links in the future. When you look at the smart home platforms with the provider of a smart smoke detector, you will soon see whether this is your best choice for a fire detector.

The more smart devices you have, the more fun a smart home becomes. So a fire alarm does not seem that exciting, but it can be. Because when you connect the detector to a smart camera, you can check a smoke report directly on the basis of the camera images. By linking different devices together, this creates a convenient sequence of actions and reactions when something happens in the house.

If your smart home is already quite extensive – or you are still planning to do so – then it is useful to take into account the protocols with which the fire detectors communicate. For example, there is Bluetooth, Zigbee but also ZWave . All devices connected via the same protocol can easily communicate with each other. For example, you can have a smart plug with Zigbee ‘talk’ to your smart smoke detector and, for example, switch on the lights when smoke is detected.

Various nutrition & handy app

If you are a bit like us at SmarthomeFans, you will find smarthome devices super interesting, but you will probably find the installation of those devices a little less. Fortunately, there are many fire detectors that operate on batteries. When using it, you obviously don’t have to worry that the smoke detector will just run out of power. Devices like the Nest Protect V2 check hundreds of times a day if the batteries have enough energy and notify you when they need to be replaced. Do you not want to worry about the smoke detector (s) and make sure they always work? Then you can always buy the Nest Protect V2 on AC power .

Smoke detector with app

The handy thing about an app is that you can check the status of your smart fire detector anywhere. This way you can be sure that nothing is wrong while you are away from home. The app also sends you notifications or push messages when something is wrong. This way you can leave home with peace of mind, knowing that you have everything under control. With the more advanced smoke detectors, it is also possible to choose settings within the app and to link the device to other smart devices.

The price of a smart smoke detector

The price you pay for a fire alarm depends on the choice you make. The cheapest fire detector on this website costs five times less than the most expensive. The price range runs approximately from 25 euros to 150 euros, where you also get more options in the most expensive category. Then, for example, there is also a heat sensor and CO detector built into the device. The options of a cheaper smart smoke detector are a bit more limited. You will still receive a notification in the event of a fire, but the personalization of the settings in the device has been expanded slightly more minimal.

Allhomedevices fans’ favorite fire alarm: Nest Protect V2

It will no longer be a secret that we are huge fans of almost all Nest products. From the functions to the design, the products seem to connect exactly to a smart home. The reason we choose the Nest Protect V2 is because the device has multiple sensors, including smoke, heat, moisture, CO and movement.

A small detail is that when you walk under the smoke detector at night, a glow comes off, so you can clearly see where you are walking. It is also very easy to switch off the alarm via the app when a smoke alarm occurs. The smoke detector also gives instructions in a calm manner when a fire is detected. As a result, children are more likely to follow the directions.

In addition, you can of course easily link the fire detector to all your other smart home devices from (Google) Nest, such as your indoor security cameras and Google Assistant. It is also nice that you can choose between a version on batteries and on mains power . Despite the somewhat higher price, with this device you can be 100% sure that you will get a quality product in any case.

Smart Smoke Detector