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Smart doorbell

Smart doorbell immediately makes your life easier thanks to motion sensors enables one to communicate with everyone who is standing in front of a closed door

A smart doorbell immediately makes your life easier. Wherever you are, you communicate with everyone who is standing in front of a closed door. And do you feel that your house is being viewed by burglars? Thanks to motion sensors in the doorbell, you can now catch peeps in the act.

But that’s not even the best …

Because you have all these options within reach via an app. So although the smart doorbell still keeps your door closed, the device does open a world full of possibilities, security and tranquility. That makes the smart doorbell and the smart lock one of the best extensions of your smart home.

More about the smart doorbell

We all want to make our lives a little easier. Picking up parcels at Albert Heijn because the parcel deliverer just arrived when you were not at home, unfortunately does not contribute to this.

Or imagine that your friends are at the door earlier than planned. You simply keep them talking until you are there to open the front door. Or you assist them via the camera to get the spare key from under a plant pot. A smart doorbell is therefore indispensable if you are often away from home, but still do not want to miss anything that happens at your door.

Which smart doorbells are there?

Various smart doorbells are available. For example, there is a simple WiFi doorbell that only transmits camera images to your phone. On the other hand, there are also advanced models. They are equipped with technical highlights, such as face recognition and motion detection. Which of the following doorbells is best for you, depends mainly on your own preference.


Smart doorbell with camera & motion detection

Almost every smart doorbell has a camera. Especially since it is an indispensable option. Immediately after someone rings the bell, you will receive the live stream from the front door on your smartphone. Are you reading a book in the bath and you don’t know if it’s a collector or a package you’ve been waiting for? You can now immediately see on your phone whether or not you should run downstairs in your bathrobe.

Another interesting option is the motion detection. Because suppose you come home after work and see that a plant pot has moved by the window. That may of course have been a clumsy newspaper boy, but perhaps it was a burglar who wanted to determine the value of your household effects.

Unfortunately you will never find out …

Unless you buy a smart doorbell with motion detection, of course. These doorbells automatically record all movements, so that at the end of the day you can see exactly who has been in your garden.

Intercom function

The best doorbells are equipped with a speaker and a microphone. This ensures a fast form of communication between you and, for example, a parcel deliverer. For example, you tell him that you will be home in 1 minute, or that he can simply drop the package at the door. This intercom function is ideal if you are often away from home and still want to maintain complete control.

Doorbell with facial recognition

Do you want to have it really luxurious? Then there are some doorbells available with facial recognition software. These doorbells store faces of people you know. You will then receive an extra notification when the doorbell rings. This function is very useful when you regularly have people at the door, but only want to know when your children are at the door.

What does a smart doorbell cost?

We don’t think the price of a good smart doorbell is that high. Of course, the price of a doorbell also depends on the functions and options you want. Do you want a simple doorbell without extensive options? Then you pay around 100 euros for a WiFi doorbell such as the Ring Video.

If you are looking for extensive options, you will soon pay 200 to 300 euros. For that amount you can choose from the very best doorbells such as the Nest Hello and Ring Video 2. In addition, with some doorbells you will receive extras such as a ‘chime’ with doorbell sound or even extra security cameras.


Smarthome Fans’ favorite smart doorbell; Nest Hello

A doorbell that sends live images to your phone at lightning speed, with night vision and the option to set your own detection zones for motion detection. Should we give any more reasons why Nest Hello is a great device?

You can also expand Nest Hello with all kinds of other Nest devices. For example, a security camera, or perhaps a smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarm. That way your house will be transformed into a real smart home very quickly.

The only downside of the Nest Hello is that the installation is not easy. Nest therefore recommends having this done by a professional.

Apart from that, it is a fantastic device that makes the hearts of many smarthome fans beat faster.

How easy is the installation?

Installing a smart doorbell can be simple or tricky. Which of those two it will be depends on the type of doorbell. A wireless battery-powered doorbell is easy to install due to the Plug & Play principle. A smart doorbell with wiring is a bit more difficult to install.

Fortunately, you can also buy it if you are less technical …

There are options to buy a smart doorbell including installation. In that case, the costs for a technician are already included in the price. You don’t have to do anything yourself anymore.

Advantages of a smart doorbell

  • You see who is at the door
  • You will receive all images on your smartphone.
  • You communicate with visitors / mail deliverers by means of an intercom.
  • Some doorbells have facial recognition.

Cons smart doorbell

  • Battery-powered doorbells should be checked regularly to see if they are empty.
  • Installation is difficult with some doorbells.
  • Real doorbell sound is not included as standard.
  • Sometimes you pay extra for cloud storage of the images.

Popular smart doorbells

A doorbell is more than just a sound these days. In fact, the doorbells sometimes don’t even make a sound anymore. It mainly concerns other options. Which options are important to you depends on your own wishes. Below you can see which three smart doorbells are the most popular.

Google Nest Hello

The Nest Hello replace your existing doorbell wired and includes numerous options. For example, the Hello recognizes your friends and family, and you stream 24/7. That image is also recorded in HD quality. Recognizing people is therefore no problem for Nest Hello.

Ring Video 2 with Chime

The Ring Video 2 is more than a doorbell. It is a device that helps you with all kinds of tasks. For example, there is night vision and you receive a notification when movement is detected. Even at night. With the included Chime you actually have sound when someone rings the doorbell. Then you do not always have to take your smartphone with you everywhere.

Ring Video Pro

Together with the Ring Video 2, it is one of the most popular doorbells. That is not so strange. The Video pro is also equipped with a laundry list of options. You can think of intercom function, motion detector and a very wide field of view. with the Ring Video Pro you will never miss what is going on in your garden.