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Smart devices that save energy at your home

Smart devicies are no more less numbered. This article explains list and working of Smart devices that save energy at your home.

Smart devices that save energy : This article points out the possible easy to use smart devices that save energy at your home.

Smart devices that save energy : Home automation can help us save energy at home, Find out how to do it on World Energy Saving Day thanks to these smart devices, very easy to use.

Saving energy at home has never been easier or more necessary. The Day the World Energy saving is a good time to know all the options we have, not only reviewing our habits, but by incorporating technology that helps us become more sustainable in our homes.

Many associate home automation with comfort at home, but it is worth discovering its possibilities in relation to optimizing energy consumption. More and more people are joining the trend of domotizing their homes, turning their homes into authentic smart homes capable of turning off the lights when no one is home, modifying the room temperature depending on whether a room is occupied or disconnecting appliances from the mobile. Below we explain what type of devices can help you save energy at home on a daily basis.

Smart devices that save energy  – Smart thermostats and valves

Air conditioning is, more than many others, one of the factors that have the greatest weight in the electricity or gas billRaising the temperature in winter when we get home and the house is freezing or lowering it suddenly in summer leads to very pronounced peaks in consumption. At the same time, maintaining 24 ºC during day and night is an energy nonsense.

One solution is the use of smart thermostats , which can save around 10% on your gas bill . These devices maintain a constant temperature, but several degrees above or below what is desired, modifying it only a few minutes before arriving home to avoid cold or heat strokes. They work on virtually any existing infrastructure and are installed with just a couple of screws.

Smart thermostats can be controlled from a mobile application so that we can modify the temperature when leaving work or the gym, but they also have programmable calendars and even learning systems to know when people are home. And if you don’t want to change the temperature of the entire home, you can also opt for an intelligent radiator valve, which works similarly but restricts its use to heating specific rooms.

Smart devices that save energy

Smart devices that save energy – Smart plugs and multiples

Statistics show that “vampire consumption”, the cost of electricity caused by connected devices on standby, accounts for just over 6% of the electricity consumed by Spanish households. And it is that, little by little, all those devices that we always leave plugged in end up inflating the bill that we receive periodically. At the end of each year, that’s a lot more money than it seems.

The smart plugs are a solution. These devices are connected to any wall outlet that we have at home to allow connection or disconnection from the network using a mobile application, using the home WiFi connection. In this way, when we leave home, we can disconnect the electrical appliances that we want without having to remove their plugs, completely cutting off their power.

Smart multiplugs are also interesting if we are forgetfulDon’t you remember if you left the TV on when you left home? Take out your mobile and check it out. Are you still connected? Press the disconnect button in its corresponding app and it will shut down remotely.

Many models even help you monitor the consumption of connected devices. In this way, you will also be able to know how much the game console or music equipment consumes in order to optimize its use.

Smart devices that save energy

Smart lighting

Leaving the lights on when we go out is the most common thing in the world. And if we still use incandescent lamps, it is also an oversight that can be expensive. The solution is to use an intelligent lighting system. Available in multiple formats, from bulb and dichroic designs to LED tubes and strips, these lamps can be turned off for hours or from a mobile app.

Technology smart lighting saves money in three ways: turns off remotely or preset times, use LED technology and allows to regulate its intensity. They are also a possible deterrent that provides greater security to the home, since they can be programmed to turn on when we are away from home and thus scare off thieves.

Given their low price and ease of installation, smart lighting systems are one of the first purchases for any home automation beginner. Simply replace one light bulb with another and configure WiFi in your app. No more is needed. Once connected, get ready to discover its infinite possibilities by creating environments .

Smart devices that save energy

Smart speakers and displays

All these devices can help us reduce the cost of electricity and gas without the least effort. However, sometimes laziness is powerful. We do not know where we have the mobile, so we do not regulate the temperature. Or since the kitchen is at the other end of the house, we leave the light on until we return. They are small gestures that can affect our bill and that can be avoided with a voice assistant.

Virtually all home automation devices today have robust connectivity and control options using voice assistants such as Siri or Google’s own. And to get the most out of them, just have a speaker or smart display nearby. Thus, it will be enough to say “Ok Google, put the air conditioning” or “Siri, turn off the bathroom light” to start saving energy. And without getting up from the sofa, because that is the goal of home automation.