Siri: the complete overview of Apple’s voice assistant

Siri: Apple's voice assistant helps you to perform simple tasks such as requesting the weather forecast, scheduling appointments and starting apps.

Siri: Apple’s voice assistant – With Siri you give voice commands to the iPhone, iPad and other devices. Siri speaks Dutch, can answer questions, look up information, operate devices and even make jokes. What else can you do with it? You can read that in this Siri explanation!

Siri is Apple ‘s voice assistant , which can be used on all kinds of devices. Siri works in Dutch and Belgian Dutch and can schedule appointments, request information, operate devices and much more. On this page you can read everything about Siri: which Siri functions there are, how you can use the assistant and on which devices it works.

What is Siri?

The Siri: Apple’s voice assistant helps you to perform simple tasks such as requesting the weather forecast, scheduling appointments and starting apps. You can also ask knowledge questions in natural language, such as, “Who was President of France in 1991?” Siri usually gets the information from Wikipedia. In addition, you can operate Siri devices with HomeKit . We will explain further below what the options are.

Siri: Dutch and other languages

Siri is available in multiple languages, including Dutch, Belgian Dutch , English, German, French and Spanish. Some languages ​​are available in several varieties such as Australian, British and American English.

Which devices does Siri work on?

Siri works on the iPhone , iPad , Apple Watch, and Apple TV , but not every model. These are the suitable devices:

  • iPhone 4s and newer
  • iPad 3 and newer
  • iPad mini (all models)
  • iPad Air (all models)
  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV 4th generation (from tvOS 10 )
  • Apple HomePod
  • Some AirPlay 2 speakers with Siri controls, such as Sonos

Siri: Apple’s voice assistant Dutch commands

Siri can be used in all kinds of ways in the Netherlands. For example, ask for ‘pizza in Amsterdam’ and Siri shows pizza restaurants in Amsterdam. Siri can also read sports results in the Netherlands. Siri is especially useful for activities that require a lot of screen tapping. “Wake me up at 8” is faster than manually setting the alarm. And “What is the capital of Bolivia” you can also quickly arrange with Siri. You don’t have to memorize commands, because instead of asking about the weather forecast, you can also ask if you need a sweater, umbrella or sunscreen.

Frequently used commands

Below is a list of the most commonly used Siri commands for email, notes, finding restaurants, playing music and more. Siri can handle commands intelligently, so if you’ve set your brother to be Peter, you can say, “Tell my brother I’m late” to send a message without typing.

  • Take notes with Siri and have them read to you
  • Find restaurants with Siri
  • Book restaurants with Apple Maps and Siri in the Netherlands
  • Play music with Siri
  • Make calls and use phone functions with Siri
  • Create and manage events with Siri
  • Request weather forecast with Siri on iPhone
  • Navigate with Siri for car, bike and walking
  • Set reminders, timers and alarms with Siri
  • Email and text with Siri

Siri: Apple’s voice assistant useful features

There are many more useful Siri functions, with Hé Siri in particular coming in handy. You can also keep Siri silent, have sentences and words translated and use Siri with WhatsApp . Below you can see a selection of the possibilities:

  • Hey Siri: this is how you use Siri hands-free
  • Prevent “Hey Siri” from popping up all the time
  • This way you can block Siri on the lock screen
  • This way you can see which apps work with Siri
  • Use Siri silently and type questions
  • Silence Siri with mute switch
  • Translate with Siri
  • Using Siri with WhatsApp

Nice features

Siri isn’t just for serious uses. You can also use it to ask funny questions, request football results or in combination with services such as Netflix and Apple Music . Below is a list of other fun applications:

  • Funny Questions and Answers
  • Using proactive Siri
  • Request football results
  • Netflix: this is how you open Netflix movies and series via Siri
  • Calculate
  • Ask it about the battery status of your Bluetooth devices
  • Ten useful Siri commands for Apple Music
  • Have Siri say a caller’s name with Announce Caller

Siri on Other Devices: Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, HomePod

Siri also works on the Apple Watch . On the Apple Watch you can use it to quickly start a timer, open an app or to ask questions. In addition to the Apple Watch , Apple’s smart voice assistant also works with the latest Apple TVs . With the special Remote you can give commands to navigate through the screens.

Below are some tips for Mac , Apple Watch and Apple TV:

  • Using Siri on Mac
  • For example, you can activate it with a key combination on the Mac
  • This will remove the Siri icon from your menu bar and dock

Troubleshoot Siri

Having trouble with Siri? These tips may help:

  • Won’t Speak You ? This way you ensure that it has more patience
  • Not working? Here are 6 causes and solutions

CarPlay: Using Siri in the car

CarPlay makes it possible to use Siri while driving. You can pair your iPhone with the in-car entertainment system and then use Siri to command it to make phone calls, dictate text messages, navigate, and play music. Thanks to Hey Siri , you can use it hands-free in the car, so you can drive more safely and do not run the risk of a fine.


CarPlay is available in many different models of cars, but also in so-called aftermarket systems from Pioneer and Alpine. In our CarPlay explanation you can read more about the possibilities and availability of CarPlay.

CarPlay: everything about Apple's software for the car

CarPlay: everything about Apple’s software for the car

With CarPlay you can call, text, listen to music and navigate with your iPhone in the car. In this overview article you can read all about the possibilities and availability of CarPlay, which apps it works with and read the best CarPlay tips.

HomeKit: Using Siri at home

In December 2017, Apple will release the HomePod , a speaker that is specially made for Siri. With this speaker you can give voice commands to Siri, for example to control your HomeKit devices. You can also play music with it, with Apple promising that the audio quality is very good. The HomePod costs $ 349; European prices have not yet been announced.

HomePod: specs, features, deals and more for Apple's smart speaker

HomePod: specs, features, deals and more for Apple’s smart speaker

What can you do with the HomePod, Apple’s voice-controlled Siri speaker for the home? Because the HomePod supports it, you don’t need a screen and you can give voice commands. But what else can you do with it? Read all about the Homepod specs, functions, release date, price and more here.

With HomeKit you can remotely control all kinds of devices in the house and Siri also plays an important role. Any device that works with HomeKit can be controlled with Siri. For example, you can ask with voice commands to turn down the heating or switch off the lights. You can set scenes for this, for example ‘I’m going to bed’. Siri then ensures that the lights go out, the doors are locked and the heating is turned down. You can control HomeKit devices through your Apple Watch, iPhone , iPad and HomePod . A HomeKit hub is required to use HomeKit accessories outdoors . You can use an Apple TV , iPad or theUsing HomePod.

HomeKit: the complete overview for smart devices in the home

HomeKit: the complete overview for smart devices in the home

Apple’s HomeKit makes it easier to control smart home applications (home automation) from iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. Read all about Apple HomeKit home automation.

Retrospect: Siri in Dutch

It has been working in Dutch since iOS 8.3 . This update appeared in April 2015. A month later it became available in Dutch on the Apple Watch . Flemish people have been able to use in Belgian Dutch since iOS 9 . On the Apple TV it took until June 2016 to be able to use in Dutch

Before it became available in Dutch and Flemish, it was already possible to dictate Dutch texts in iOS 8 . This worked pretty well . There used to be the option to use Voice Control on the iPhone , a primitive form of Siri. Today, Voice Control is back as an accessibility feature for people who can’t operate the screen with their hands.