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Sensibo air purifier, Sensibo Pure, with support for Siri

Sensibo Pure is a smart air purifier that is supported with Siri (smart assistant). This Sensibo air purifier starting price is $ 129

Sensibo air purifier with support for Siri: Sensibo may not ring a bell for everyone, but the company is best known for the Sensibo Sky. This allows you to control air conditioners in a smart way. The company now comes with a new product called Sensibo Pure, a smart air purifier.

You operate these air purifier with the accompanying app. This air purifier also supports voice control via Siri and Siri Shortcuts, but there is no support for Apple HomeKit, at least not officially. This may also be an interesting device for other users, as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are also supported.

The Pure is a fairly compact air purifier with a height of 38.8 centimeters and a width and depth of 19.5 centimeters. This model can clean a room up to a size of 16 square meters, or thanks to Pure Boost technology up to 27 square meters. As with other air purifiers, this model also removes harmful substances from the air, including pollen, fine dust, bacteria and even viruses. The air purifier does this with a triple filter: a Pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter. You must replace this filter every six months.

Price and availability of Sensibo air purifier

The Sensibo Pure connects you to your WiFi network (2.4Ghz) and also has a Bluetooth option. The company ships the products worldwide, so you can also purchase this model in our country. The starting price is $ 129. For more information, check the website of Sensibo.