SanDisk Extreme & My Passport Portable SSD – 1TB – comparison

SanDisk Extreme & My Passport Portable SSD - The good thing is that you can't go wrong with this decision. The performance data are almost the same.

Safety first – this does not apply in many everyday situations, whether at work, during leisure activities or during sports. You should always protect yourself with a clear conscience. Also in digital form when it comes to data. We have compared two models for you and introduce you to the portable SSDs SanDisk Extreme & My Passport in more detail below.

If you produce a large amount of data in everyday mobile life and want to back it up in the event of a total failure, you can’t avoid a good SSD these days. HDDs are almost obsolete and are losing their greatest advantage – the price – more and more, because SSD hard drives are becoming cheaper year after year . We would like to introduce you to two ultra-compact hard drives with SSD technology and compare them. More precisely, it is now about the  SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD and the counterpart of My Passport . Also exciting: The mobile  WD My Passport Wireless SSD , which we already introduced to you.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD – the adventurer with IP55 protection

The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD comes to your home with simple packaging. In the box you will find the SSD itself, as well as a user manual and a USB-C connection cable, which comes with a USB-C to USB-A adapter – practical. The SanDisk Extreme SSD is characterized by its extremely high suitability for everyday use . So she is not only at home in the office, but is also often taken outside. Thanks to its IP55 protection, it is not only shock and vibration resistant, but also defies water to a certain extent. Perfect for the adventurer.

The design is simple and robust – it integrates well into an active everyday life and even has an orange accent on the top . Of course, you can also make a loop here and hang the hard drive somewhere. The only question that remains is in which situation this would be an advantage. The example of the manufacturer is the attachment to the outside of the backpack for hiking or similar activities. We think that you don’t have to provoke accidents, bumps or scratches; we therefore always transport the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD inside the backpack. The design is very successful. The perforated structured surface also comes into its own.

Fast transfers of up to 550 MB / s – and extremely compact!

The  USB 3.1 Type C interface allows the fastest transfer speeds. SanDisk advertises the SSD with up to 550 megabytes per second. In our test, we achieved around 455 MB / s in reading and an impressive 521 MB / s in writing. Good values ​​that other manufacturers can use to learn from. And the speeds are also noticeable in everyday life. Be it copies of videos and pictures or entire backups of the MacBook . We tested the hard drives on a 13 inch MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro with 15.4 inches.

What we definitely want to highlight are the compact dimensions of  9.63 x 4.95 x 0.89 cm with a weight of only 41 grams ! This is already very compact and the SSD hardly makes any difference. The SanDisk hard drive easily fits twice into an empty tissue box. It is so light that you can let one of its corners bob easily and without much pressure between your index finger and thumb. There is also the factor of outdoor suitability. The hard drive should be able to withstand falls from a height of up to two meters. We could not resist a voluntary fall from about a meter and a half; Nothing happened, and the case didn’t show any scratches or flaws. In general, the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD makes a very robust impression and you can take it outside with a clear conscience.

Similar to the SanDisk SSD, the My Passport Portable SSD also comes with little packaging, but exactly what you need for operation. A user manual and a USB-C connection cable with a USB-A adapter are also on board. Not surprising that the accessories are exactly the same as the other, since both brands come from Western Digital. The quality of the SanDisk is repeated on My Passport . Here, however, a noble design plays the first fiddle, less aimed at outdoor adventurers. But the My Passport Portable SSD doesn’t even want to be an outdoor companion. It is in good hands on the home desk and impresses with its modern appearance . A kind of domino made of a rubberized and high-gloss 3D surface.

The WD Backup software is on board and helps with automatic backups of large amounts of files or in the Dropbox. The SSD is also suitable as a time machine backup for Mac users ; this requires a short reformatting. However, after 30 seconds the process is complete. A large backup of around 100 GB took 20 minutes. With an HDD solution, you had to wait around 1.5 hours. The My Passport SSD can also withstand falls from heights of up to 2 meters.

540 MB / s, 1 TB and USB 3.1 – in black metallic optics

We also tested this SSD with two MacBooks. In any case, the operation worked great. A stable connection and fast data transfers . The MY Passport Portable SSD is touted with 540 MB / s. We measured 475 MB / s reading and 495 MB / s writing. Here, too, one can be satisfied, as the measured values ​​do not deviate significantly from the manufacturer’s information and are industry leaders in this class.

It has to be said that comparing these two external SSDs is very fair as they both have similar specifications and dimensions . The price of around 200 euros is also similar depending on the offer. Both hard drives are shockproof up to two meters and make a robust impression. The technology inside is identical, only the transfer speed varies by 10 MB / s.

Probably the biggest difference is the design and the resulting outdoor suitability of the SanDisk Extreme SSD. This is namely IP55 protected and thus not only defies shocks, but also dust and water to a certain extent. The design is also rather robust and intended for adventure, while the My Passport variant goes the chic way and is aimed at design lovers. That is not to say that the SanDisk SSD does not look good, because it does, it is only aimed at extreme use. You can also find even more gadgets for your computer here .

SanDisk Extreme Vs My Passport Portable SSD– The agony of choice – you decide

The good thing is that you can’t go wrong with this decision. The performance data are almost the same. You just have to choose the SSD that is more suitable for your everyday life . In our case it would be the SanDisk model, as we travel a lot and like to hike in the countryside with our backpacks. Both hard drives have clear target groups. Only you know which one you belong to.