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Samsung robots that help with the household and more presented

Samsung robots that help with the household and more presented which include the robot vacuum cleaner, the personal Bot Care assistant robot and more

Samsung robots – Unlike previous years, Samsung’s CES presentation focused more on technology in general – for years to come – than on specific products. For example, a lot of emphasis is placed on artificial intelligence, a variant that is mainly active in the background and does not work in sight of the user. This is therefore a major focus of the South Korean company. With such technology on board, devices in your home, in your smart home, can ‘think’ for themselves and therefore take more tasks off your hands.

Internet of Things

This will be the next big step in the world of it Internet of Things. Nowadays we still often give commands via our mobile phones or via a voice assistant, which is present via a smart speaker. But in the future, those devices must be able to work without our intervention and actually without something as archaic as a set schedule. The devices must be able to predict what you need and when; only then can you speak of hardware with real artificial intelligence on board.

In the case of Samsung, you would expect that more could be done with voice assistant Bixby, but nothing turns out to be less valuable. Bixby is an interactive product for the foreground, while the new generation of artificial intelligence is mainly active behind the scenes. Think, for example, of washing machines that use water more intelligently, cameras on phones that improve image quality and televisions that are able to convert HD images to the excellent 8K resolution. And then of course we have robots.

Samsung robots

For example, Samsung is now working on three robots: the Jabot AI Plus robot vacuum cleaner, the personal Bot Care assistant robot and the Bot Handy, which can clean up mess in the house and move things. This is not the first time that the Galaxy smartphone manufacturer has presented robots. Last year, the company unveiled the Bot Air air purifier, Bot Care for health monitoring and Bot Retail for stores and restaurants. Such robots are not necessarily intended for the consumer market and, for the time being, serve more as research for the South Korean manufacturer.

For a moment it seemed that the last year presented Ballie would come to people’s homes, but that has not happened yet. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect home robots at all. For example, Samsung is working on the Jabot 90 AI Plus. That robot should appear in the United States in the first half of 2021. This is a robot vacuum cleaner that is smarter than average. For example, the device uses image recognition to determine the best route in the house, as it is able to take into account all kinds of furniture and more in the house.

The robotic vacuum cleaner uses the same sensors as in the company’s self-driving cars, avoiding things like cables, too. In addition, the JetBot empties its own waste bin and you can follow it in the app. When you connect it to Samsung SmartThings, you also get access to the built-in camera, so you can also keep an eye on your home (which might be a better idea that the drone from Ring). It is not yet clear what exactly the robot should cost. We also do not know yet whether this product will come to the Netherlands or Europe.