Safety Criteria of your Kitchen Stove: what should be done

Safety Criteria of your Kitchen Stove:there are many recommended aspects of safety which should be considered while using these.

Safety Criteria of your Kitchen Stove: kitchen stoves were first introduced at the beginning of the 19th century. The first stoves are gas. In France, it was in 1934, thanks to the competition launched by Gaz de France for the creation of a specific model of cooker that the Gazinière was born. It was presented at the Salon des Arts Ménagers in 1935.

nowadays much modern versions are available and no doubt they are getting safer with every new model coming into market. In spite of this there are many aspects which should be considered from safety point of view while using these. Below there are recommended suggestion which should be considered.

Safety Criteria of your Kitchen Stove

Safety Criteria: For gas cookers

Safety is represented by the thermocouple. This safety feature now on all gas tables allows gas to be cut off when the flame goes out. The tip of the thermocouple is visible from the table. When the table is on the gas heats the tip of the thermocouple, creating an electric current. If the gas goes out, there is no more electric current thus cutting off the gas supply. For cookers with vitroceramic coating: The safety of these hobs is generally calculated in number of levels, of safety points. Among these securities we find:

  • The child safety : control panel lock
  • The overheating safety device : even when the hob is off, its temperature is controlled and can trigger the cooling fan if necessary.
  • The overflow safety : the table stops working if liquid overflows
  • The detection of containers : the fireplace only works if a pan is present on the latter
  • The detection of small objects : the home does will turn on in the presence of an upper metal surface 10 cm in diameter
  • Residual heat indicator : Indicates that the surface is still hot
  • Low current detection : Used to report a power problem
  • Automatic shutdown : The system cuts off the automatic power supply if you forget it
  • Bad connection detection : Prevents damage to the table

The cold door

Some ovens have a so-called “cold” door. These doors have 4 panes. They allow the temperature of the door to be limited to around 35 ° C during cooking.

Safety Criteria of your Kitchen Stove: Locking the oven

Some cookers are equipped with a button to make its door tamper-proof.