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Rowenta X-FORCE FLEX : The cordless vacuum cleaner with flex joint

Review: Rowenta X-FORCE FLEX cordless vacuum cleaner does a lot right and better than the competition . The battery life is actually above average too.

Review: Rowenta X-FORCE FLEX- Admittedly, the first time we came across the new Rowenta XForce Flex models was on TV. The advertising stayed in our head and we found the concept of the flex joint and the design exciting. In the following test report on the XForce Flex, we would like to bring you closer to the cordless vacuum cleaner from Rowenta and evaluate it in terms of design, workmanship, quality and suction power. You are reading our experiences now.

Nowadays it is not easy to find the perfect battery-powered vacuum cleaner for your needs . There are so many models on the market and each one wants to be perfect. Something special is needed to stay on the shortlist when making a purchase decision. Rowenta wants to do this with its new flex joint and equips its new XForce Flex series with a kinkable suction tube. We are testing the model with the exact name “ XForce Flex 11.60 RH9878 Animal Care ” for you – let ‘s go with another household gadget .

Rowenta XForce Flex – the cordless vacuum cleaner that buckles?

If you look at the performance data of the Rowenta cordless vacuum cleaner, there is no sign of buckling, because the XForce Flex in our model has an output of 300 watts and thus offers a maximum suction power of 130 air watts . When we speak of “bend”, we are talking about the flex-joint technology that Rowenta is using in the new models. This means that even more areas can be achieved in-house without having to operate a lot. The suction tube, which is bent backwards, allows you to go much further under sofas, beds or other furniture.

More product features before you start unpacking

To get a clean slate, here are the most important product features of the Rowenta XForce Flex. A total of seven battery cells are built into the removable battery unit. 25.2V power are the result and guarantee continuous suction power for up to 45 minutes – we test how long the vacuum cleaner can hold up with us. A smart display is also built in, which always keeps the user up to date with regard to performance levels and the battery level when vacuuming. Together with a boost trigger, three levels ensure optimally adapted suction power.

The suction and cleaning nozzle has an LED unit to ensure a clear view even in poor lighting conditions. So you can always see the last crumb under the dining and living room table. This means that there is also a clear view under the sofa. Here we can already say at this point that the luminosity is above average and that we no longer want to do without the LEDs. Rowenta calls the whole thing the  Deep Power LED Vision suction head – it can also be used to vacuum larger and heavier objects such as corn flakes. You can read more about this below in the test.

Scope of delivery & first impression of the X-Force Flex cordless vacuum cleaner

The scope of delivery is often decisive when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner, as you usually want to use the device not only for vacuuming the floor, but also for removing dust in corners or on ceilings or for vacuuming upholstery . The Rowenta XForce Flex comes to your home with lots of accessories – we would like to list the brushes and attachments included:

  • Rowenta XForce Flex vacuum cleaner
  • Main brush, electric
  • Mini turbo brush, electric
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Upholstery nozzle
  • two integrated brushes
  • Replacement filter
  • Charging cable and charging station

Once all parts have been removed, the XForce Flex tube is first attached to the suction unit. This is followed by the main brush, which is equipped with an electric roller brush to actively “knock” dust and dirt out of carpets, for example. The feel is good right from the start; A lot of plastic is used here, too, but Rowenta joins all other manufacturers who attach great importance to a device that is as light as possible . Everything looks well made and the various brushes can also be easily plugged in and unplugged. Also practical: iDe two integrated brushes – so the device can also function great as a small handheld vacuum cleaner.

What can the Rowenta XForce vacuum cleaner do?

Particularly noteworthy is the high suction power of 300 watts or the equivalent of 130 air watts – very good values ​​if you have the specified battery life of up to 45 minutes in mind, which is above average for this class. Of course, we would like to track this down in the course of this review, because manufacturers often play poker here significantly higher than the performance in the end.

The Rowenta XForce Flex is also characterized by the innovative flex tube which, with a simple push, releases a folding mechanism that allows the suction tube to bend backwards . This makes cleaning under furniture astonishingly easier. The first tests with the kinked suction tube have already confirmed this to us – we have never vacuumed easier under TV furniture, dining table or bed. Rowenta has also given the XForce Flex 11.60 RH9878 Animal Care a “ smart display ” that is not that smart, but always offers an insight into the battery level and selected suction mode . Quite practical.

The different suction modes & attachments for daily use – everyday test

Now we come to the different attachments and suction modes, which also bring us to the test part. With the “ Animal Care ” model of the XForce Flex, Rowenta really offers a great overall package that includes the necessary brushes and attachments for almost every household. This is how the main brush will handle most situations. The electric roller in the main brush ensures the best cleaning results even on carpets. We like to test the cleaning performance with carpets that have been vacuumed beforehand, but with a standard vacuum cleaner with a cord, as we know it from before. Here the Rowenta XForce Flex has again properly refilled and the dust container has been well filled. TheSuction power of 130 Air Watts pays off here alongside the good electric brush .

There is also a smaller mini turbo brush , which is perfect for hairy carpets, but can also be used in the car. Best suited for pet owners and with great results. A crevice nozzle and an upholstery nozzle round off the overall package and allow the Rowenta to vacuum over beds, sofas and in all corners. The cleaning performance with the electric brushes was above average, the crevice and upholstery nozzles performed just as well, but only in “Boost” mode, i.e. with maximum suction power . The main brush is very flexible and also gets into corners and edges well; a small twist of the wrist is all it takes.

When vacuuming, you can choose between two modes after you have switched on the Rowenta cordless vacuum cleaner by pressing the main switch on the handle – you do n’t have to keep the button pressed . You can choose between “Eco” and “Max” – we achieved the best results with “Max”; of course logical. But the Eco level is also sufficient for most types of dirt and puts significantly less strain on the battery. As a further level, the Rowenta vacuum cleaner offers a “Boost” mode, which increases the suction power to the maximum. The electric brushes turn off here. This mode is therefore ideal for cleaning with the crevice and upholstery nozzle.

How long does the battery really last?

The battery life actually comes close to the manufacturer’s value. Instead of 45 minutes, we managed about 38-42 minutes in eco mode . However, since the “Max” mode is more likely to be activated on carpets and similar surfaces, the battery life dwindles to around 25 minutes in pure maximum mode. If you clean an ordinary apartment with parquet and a few carpets, we get an average of 30 minutes . This time should be enough for apartments around 100 square meters. Since other cordless vacuum cleaners offer significantly less battery here, the Rowenta clearly gets a plus point here.

Of course, the “Boost” mode consumes a lot of energy. “Boost” and “Max” mode alternating make it at least 15-20 minutes. The exchangeable battery is worth mentioning . The old battery is unplugged and the new one is ready for use in less than five seconds. We don’t want to miss this option of quick battery changes with other models. However, since the Rowenta XForce Flex already offers such a long battery life, we cannot ignore this overall package that only one battery is on board. If you decide to use an additional battery (Amazon link) , you will have to pay around 120 euros. In return , however, you get up to 45 minutes of suction time from the 25.2V battery.

Charging via cable or the charging station – the choice is yours

In fact , we find the charging station very practical . At first we only charged the Rowenta with the charging cable by quickly removing the battery and plugging it in, but the whole thing works even easier with the charging station that takes the cable below. Here the battery vacuum cleaner is pushed in from above and the charging process begins via two metal contacts. At the bottom of the charging station you can attach another plastic unit, which allows you to store two to three nozzles . Really well thought out; so you have everything quickly at hand.

By the way: The Rowenta XForce Flex can also be placed upright and holds there relatively securely on the main brush. We do not recommend this, however, as cordless vacuum cleaners have knocked us over in the past. With the suction unit’s center of gravity at the top , this can end badly if you accidentally hit it. Nevertheless, we wanted to mention the function, because we like to put the handheld vacuum cleaner down for a few seconds, for example to push a chair to the side.

Easy emptying, but with a small trigger?

good grip more enough hold

Is it emptied quickly too? Unfortunately, this is not as easy as with other models in which the dust compartment is integrated and you just open a flap to empty the dust tank. With the Rowenta XForce, this is solved with a removable dust tank , from which you still have to remove the filter unit in order to rid it of dirt. The clear advantage of this construction, however, is that the Rowenta vacuum cleaner can also be left in place. Practical if you don’t have a lot of space in the utility room or in the kitchen, where the garbage cans are located. Also positive: The dust tank holds 0.9 liters – there is plenty of dirt here.

Conclusion on the Rowenta X-Force Flex cordless vacuum cleaner

The Rowenta XForce Flex does a lot right and better than the competition . The battery life is actually above average and the possibility of exchanging the battery makes the vacuum cleaner even more flexible. So we can see the device in action in a large house. The charging option via cable or charging station can be easily adapted to your own household. The question remains whether the removable dust tank is really a disadvantage. After a few weeks in the test, we are more likely to see the advantages mentioned above.

The Rowenta XForce Flex 11.60 RH9878 Animal Care is not only ideal for pet owners, but also for all other households that struggle with average pollution. This model costs around 370 euros and, in our opinion, offers a great overall package. We would like to make a purchase recommendation mainly because of the battery life with high suction power and the practical kinkable flexible tube.