Ring Wired Doorbell launched – A smart wired doorbell with HD camera

Ring Wired Doorbell launched. The smart doorbell is equipped with 1080 HD camera with night vision and motion detector. The retail price is 59 Euro.

Ring comes out with a new smart doorbell: the Ring Video Doorbell Wired. It is a compact smart doorbell for a low price. It is a wired variant with many functions as we can expect with smart doorbells.

Ring Wired doorbell

The smart home brand has the new compact under the name Ring Wired smart doorbell announced. If we zoom in on the possibilities and functionalities of this doorbell, they almost correspond to other video doorbells:

  • Equipped with a 1080 HD camera with night vision
  • Possibility of two-way communication with noise suppression
  • Motion detection

With the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, we offer features that really matter in a small, compact design.
– Jamie Siminoff

Jamie Siminoff – Ring Founder and Chief Inventor – said she offers features with the this doorbell that really matter: “Ring’s focus since day one has been on developing home security solutions that solve customers’ real problems. With the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, we offer features that really matter in a small, compact design. This gives customers more choice in selecting the video doorbell that best suits their needs, ”says Siminoff.

Its compact design in particular makes it really different from Ring’s other models, including the Ring video doorbell 2.

Ring Wired Doorbell

More Ring Wired features with subscription

As we saw with other smart doorbell models from Ring, you can also enjoy more functionalities with this new compact Ring Wired if you subscribe to Ring Protect. With the Ring Protect Plan you can enjoy the option to set up privacy zones from 3 euros per month.

You can also receive a video preview of the first six seconds after motion detection, Ring reports. In a safe way, seen Ring has added end-to-end encryption to video images.

How to operate

If we look at the operation of the Ring Wired doorbell, this is done via the Ring app, just like with the other models. You can set the doorbell to your needs in the Ring application: from setting up privacy zones to linking an extra chime to also hear the melody indoors.

Ring Wired Doorbell

Amazon Alexa

In addition to operating via the Ring app, you can also control and operate it with voice commands. Voice assistant Alexa is supported by Ring. Not surprising, given that Ring is a subsidiary of Amazon.

Release and Price

If you would like to expand your smart home with this doorbell, you have to wait a while. Ring reports in the announcement that the smart doorbell will be available from May. The exact release date in May is not yet known.

The retail price of the Ring new doorbell is 59 Euros, which is a lot cheaper than the other doorbells.