Review: ZENS Stand + Dock Wireless Charger with Lightning Connector

ZENS Stand + Dock Wireless Charger
ZENS Stand + Dock charger is a great accessory for your iPhone and AirPods. The charger looks very nice and the workmanship is perfect, so it looks great on a desk or bedside table.

The Dutch company ZENS has released a series of new chargers. The new ZENS Stand + Dock combines a wireless charger for your iPhone with the Lightning connection for your AirPods. We have tested this new ZENS charger.

ZENS Stand + Dock review

Wireless chargers for iPhone and AirPods come in all shapes and sizes. The ZENS Stand + Dock is one of the latest models. This new model was presented at IFA 2019 and is already available at the first stores. We have already been able to test the charger in recent days and tell you all about it in this review of the ZENS Stand + Dock.

What’s important to know is that this new range of chargers is available in multiple configurations. ZENS has a single charger for one iPhone, where you can charge the device wirelessly vertically. The ZENS Stand + Dock that we tested contains a Lightning connection in addition to a wireless charger. The third model also has a built-in holder for the Apple Watch . We have not been able to test this model, but it is otherwise comparable to the ZENS Stand + Dock that we discuss in this review.

ZENS Stand + Dock Features

These are the main features of the ZENS Stand + Dock charger:

  • Vertical wireless charger for iPhones
  • Flexible Lightning connection for AirPods or second iPhone
  • Supports fast charging for Apple devices, up to 20W (2x10W)
  • Additional USB-A connection for third device on the back
  • Aluminum housing
  • Available in black and white

The charger has almost the same dimensions as the ZENS Dual + Watch that we discussed earlier on iCulture. The holder is largely made of aluminum and plastic and looks classy. Due to the sleek finish, it fits on any desk or bedside table. The weight is also good, so you cannot accidentally slide the charger backwards. In terms of finish and design, we have absolutely nothing to complain about this charger.

The vertical wireless charger has a rubber surface, so your iPhone won’t just stay off it. The small bumper on the front keeps the iPhone in place, so you don’t have to worry about whether it charges properly. We think a vertical wireless charger is a significant advantage over charging mats on which you place your iPhone flat. The advantage is that you can read notifications without problems and Face ID also works without problems. A disadvantage of vertical chargers is that they are often not suitable for the AirPods , because the contact point is too high. That is also the case with this ZENS charger.

We have nothing to complain about when it comes to charging specifications. The charger’s power is more than enough to quickly charge two devices. The ZENS Stand + Dock also comes with a plug, including international attachments. The cable is more than long enough, although we find it a little inconvenient that the charger uses a specific round plug to power the charger.

What we find a big advantage is that there are no lights on the charger. The aforementioned ZENS Dual + Watch does, while it is actually unnecessary. You will soon notice whether your iPhone is charging properly, while the light (however subtle) can often be disturbing in the bedroom.

The Lightning connector on the right side of the charger is flexible. That means that you can tilt it forwards or backwards. This makes it easier to remove the AirPods or iPhone, although it does require some getting used to when placing your iPhone or AirPods. Also keep in mind that the connection may not protrude far enough for very thick and protective iPhone cases. The USB connection is a bonus, but we didn’t really need it in our test.

Standard seems unnecessary

Behind the Lightning connector is a T-shaped stand. This is mainly intended as a support for an iPhone that you charge via the Lightning connection. In combination with the AirPods, this support is somewhat strangely placed, because the Lightning connection does not fall far enough backwards due to the light weight of the AirPods. As a result, your AirPods charging case does not rest against the stand, making it a bit aimless. We also wonder whether this standard is really necessary. After all, Apple’s own Lightning-Lock ( € 55 ) does not have a standard, which proves that an iPhone can rest perfectly on a vertically placed Lightning connection. We would have liked the ZENS Stand + Dock a bit nicer without this T-stand.

The price-quality ratio of this charger is good, although we think it is a bit on the expensive side compared to the ZENS Dual + Watch. Although that charger does not have a Lightning connector, you can charge three devices at the same time (twice wireless and one Apple Watch). The ZENS Dual + Watch is cheaper than this new Stand + Dock at many stores.


  • Looks nice with good workmanship
  • Charge iPhone and AirPods (or two iPhones) at the same time
  • Extra USB input on the back
  • No annoying status lights


  • T-shaped stand seems unnecessary and therefore detracts from the design

Conclusion ZENS Stand + Dock wireless charger with Lightning

We think the ZENS Stand + Dock charger is a great accessory for your iPhone and AirPods. The charger looks very nice and the workmanship is perfect, so it looks great on a desk or bedside table. The vertical wireless charger ensures that you can continue to read notifications and placing your iPhone is without problems. The Lightning connector on the right is ideal for your AirPods or a second iPhone, although we think the T-shaped stand is a bit redundant. The charger offers enough power to quickly charge your devices and is especially suitable for people who have both an iPhone and AirPods.