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Review: ZENS Dual + Watch Wireless Charger for iPhone and Apple Watch

Review: ZENS Dual + Watch Fast Wireless Charger- ZENS charger looks nice and offers no less than three devices, namely two iPhones and an Apple Watch.

Are you looking for a charger for both your iPhone and Apple Watch? The new ZENS Dual + Watch is a wireless iPhone charger with a built-in Apple Watch charger. How do you like this charger? You can read it in this iCulture view.

ZENS Dual + Watch Fast Wireless Charger review

At iCulture we have taken a closer look at the products of ZENS before. We already wrote a review of the ZENS Powerbank for Apple Watch and iPhone and the handy ZENS Dual Fast Charger . Recently there is also a charger that combines the Apple Watch and iPhone. At first glance, the thin Dual + Watch is very similar to the aforementioned Dual Fast Charger, but it has a number of other features. You can read our experiences in this short review of the ZENS Dual + Watch Fast Wireless Charger.

Update June 2019: The Zens Dual + Watch charger is now also available in white. The specifications have also been slightly adjusted so that the charger works perfectly with the AirPods 2 or original AirPods with wireless charging case. The review has been updated for this.

In short

These are the main features of the ZENS Dual + Watch charger:

  • Wireless charger with a maximum output of 20W
  • Charges two iPhones wirelessly at the same time
  • Anti-slip prevents iPhone from sliding off
  • Includes built-in Apple Watch charger
  • Qi and MFi certified
  • Suitable for AirPods with wireless charging case
  • Supplied with long power cable with plug
  • Price from € 99.95, in black and white.

Not all products that we test at the iCulture editorial office receive an extensive review. For covers, cables and other accessories we have the more concise ‘iCulture view’ reviews. The ZENS Dual + Watch Wireless Charger is provided by ZENS.

There is now a lot of choice when it comes to wireless chargers for your iPhone . Most of these chargers are suitable for a single device, but the ZENS Dual + Watch is, as the name suggests, suitable for charging two iPhones at the same time. It is therefore a kind of alternative to the AirPower , Apple’s wireless charger that unfortunately will never see daylight. In principle, you can charge as many devices with this ZENS charger as with the AirPower .

The base of the charger is relatively large, with a width of about 19 centimeters and a depth of about 9 centimeters. The charger is quite flat, namely about one centimeter. The charger therefore looks stylish with a sleek rectangular design with beautifully rounded corners. We like the charger more than the previous ZENS Dual charger , which looks a bit thicker and more robust. The top has a thin rubber edge, so your iPhone does not slide off easily. Two ZENS logos show you exactly where to place your iPhone , without the logos being very noticeable. A small light on the front confirms your iPhone being charged. In the bedroom, this light can be a bit disturbing, no matter how small it is. The bottom has rubber studs, so that the charger itself also remains in place.

Completely separate is a holder for the Apple Watch on the left. This holder is about ten centimeters high and is made of shiny aluminum. In terms of color, the black looks a bit like the edge of the space gray iPhone X and iPhone XS , which gives the holder a luxurious look. The white variant of the charger is more like the stainless steel rim of the silver-colored models. It contains a charger that is suitable for your Apple Watch. What does detract from the appearance is that you can see the cable of the Apple Watch charger in an open edge. It would have been a lot nicer if the holder was made of aluminum all around, since you can’t take out the Apple Watch charger anyway. As it is now made, the cable can only get damaged.

ZENS Dual + Watch Fast Wireless Charger

Charging your iPhone and AirPods is very easy, but the Apple Watch is slightly less. In our test, the Apple Watch sometimes struggled to make good contact, so you had to take it off and put it back on. This may have to do with the fact that the ring on the charger is slightly smaller than with the standard charger of the Apple Watch. An advantage of this charger compared to the AirPower is that it is suitable for any Apple Watch strap, including the link bracelet. You can use the Apple Watch at the link bracelet and the woven sports banddo not lay flat on a charger, as with the AirPower. Because the charger of this ZENS Dual + Watch is on an elevation, it is suitable for any type of strap. You can also use the night clock mode, but only in the vertical view.

The charger has an output of maximum 20W: 10W for each contact point for wireless charging. This means that the charger supports Apple’s maximum speed of 7.5W when charging wirelessly. Should Apple increase the speed to, for example, 10W, you will already benefit from this with this charger. The ZENS charger comes with a standard plug that you connect to the charger itself via a round bait connection point. We think it is a pity that a more universal plug, such as USB-C or micro-USB, has not been chosen. Such a specific connection is not always convenient. Fortunately, the cable is very long, so you do not have to worry that you cannot get rid of it properly.


  • Looks nice and sleek in both white and black
  • Charge three devices at the same time (two iPhones and an Apple Watch)
  • Suitable for all Apple Watch bands
  • Also suitable for the AirPods with wireless charging case


  • Apple Watch charger cable visible for unknown reason and therefore more vulnerable
  • Sometimes has trouble connecting with Apple Watch

Conclusion ZENS Dual + Watch Fast Wireless Charger review

This ZENS charger looks nice and offers no less than three devices, namely two iPhones and an Apple Watch. This makes it a good alternative to the AirPower, although there are some drawbacks. Charging your iPhone is very easy, but with the Apple Watch we sometimes had to put the watch on the charger again before a connection could be made. An advantage is that the charger is suitable for any type of strap, including closed straps such as the woven sports strap and the link bracelet. The charger offers the full charging speed that your iPhone can handle wirelessly, so you’ll be recharged quickly. The suggested retail price of € 99 is on the high side, but it is immediately suitable for three devices at the same time.