Review: Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Smart Watch

Review: Xiaomi Smart band 7 is equipped with 1.62 inch AMOLED high-resolution display with always-on mode, 110+ sports modes, sleep monitoring and heart rate

The Xiaomi Band 7 Pro version offers a wider display and GPS for the first time in the history of Xiaomi smart bracelets. It inherited everything else from the basic Band 7; it monitors our health, displays notifications, calls, etc. It comes from China, but according to the online store, it is duty-free and with free shipping. 

Box, accessories, unpacking

It comes in a box of the shape and style typically used by the manufacturer.

The contents of the box are the usual:

  • The bracelet
  • Charging cable
  • Some paper (user manual)

The strap is soft silicone and quite narrow (approx. 1.6 cm), so it doesn’t sweat too much and can be replaced.

The use of materials and general quality are, of course, good, and the weight with the factory strap is only 31 grams.

It is also 2.85 cm wide and 4.5 cm high, so it is small and light, unnoticeable on the wrist.

Water resistance

Thanks to its 5ATM water resistance, you can swim with it and hold it in water for 1 hour, which does not cause any problems.


The size of the touch screen has not become much larger because instead of the normal 1.62″ screen, it has become 1.64″ – but it is wider, which is beneficial due to the display of texts.

Of course, it is also AMOLED, with a large resolution of 280 x 456 pixels. This results in a very nice picture and can be seen from any angle, even in sunlight.

One of the biggest advantages of AMOLED is the reduction in consumption because you don’t have to turn on the display for the black parts, while LCDs are always turned on on their entire surface.

This can matter a lot for a smart bracelet since one of its main functions is the display of application notifications and messages, in which case a large part of the display is often empty, which in the case of AMOLED will not be turned on during the display of notifications, so it does not consume battery.

The brightness can be freely adjusted; unlike the basic Band 7, it can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment.

The display can be turned on automatically by raising the wrist (but it can be turned off permanently and for part of the day, for example, in the evening).

You can also set how many seconds the display should be on 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds, 1, and 5 minutes. By turning the cover to sleep mode, you can also turn it off manually by covering the display.

There is also a night mode, which can be set in the application, and in this case, it automatically reduces the brightness at night (or at any time because you can also set a time of your choice).

The physical touch button has disappeared for some time. Instead, you can return to the menu with hand gestures, and the display can be woken up by touching it.

Watch faces, unique watch faces

One of the most common requests from users is to have as many watch pages (start pages) as possible and, if possible, to be able to download or create new ones. This was already possible with the 6; of course, it did not disappear.

We have many very good watch faces available, and they are categorized under “More,” you can find all of them.

By using one (light) image, you can create a unique one – in fact, you can even use several images that appear alternately.

Active and modifiable watch faces

The active, modifiable watch pages are very useful, as you can open, for example, the heart rate monitor, statistics (number of steps, etc.), and tools right from the home page, and this can be freely selected.

Unfortunately, at first glance, it is not visible which watch face can be modified and which cannot; it becomes clear only after installation.

Always on display

The always-on display is useful because it allows only a small part of the display to be turned on, where the time and other useful information can be displayed.

AMOLED displays can be kept partially switched on, so always on does not cause the device to drain quickly.

We can choose from several styles, but not completely freely, because there is a basic style, and watch faces give their style of always on display.

It can be turned off for a certain period, for example, during sleep, which is useful only to save the battery.


Fitness, sports, and health functions
Pulse measurement, blood oxygen level, stress level measurement, PAI, step count, distance traveled measurement, calories burned, sports monitoring, GPS

More health features
movement reminder, sleep quality monitoring

Notification functions
Incoming call indication, application notifications, SMS indication, display of incoming messages

Alarm clock, time, date display, music control, stopwatch, weather, etc.

The bracelet also provides detailed statistics on the recorded values; it does not just display the current one.

The accompanying mobile application

The Mi Fitness application is included, which gives a pleasant interface, demanding and transparent, but it does not yet speak Hungarian, as does the bracelet.

The subject of the test is the Chinese version, in which case the region in the application must be changed to China to find the bracelet, and in the case of a Hungarian-language phone, the bracelet is in Chinese.

But this can be easily remedied by setting the phone’s language to English because after starting the application, setting the bracelet to English. After that, the phone can be reset to Hungarian, and the bracelet will remain in English.

MI Fitness provides the most important data on the home page, which can be opened for further details.

Using the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro

The Xiaomi Band 7 Pro works like any similar smart bracelet. Thanks to its touch screen, you can move up, down, left, and right in the menu.

By swiping from right to left, the widgets appear, with which we can quickly access certain functions, while from left to right, the quick settings, swiping down the notifications, and up the menu are accessed.

A maximum of 11 widgets can be set as required, and the order can also be set. It can be protected against unauthorized access with a PIN code.

Heart rate measurement

One of the main functions of the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro is heart rate measurement, which can be continuous (occasionally) or manually triggered. In the case of continuous heart rate measurement, the minimum duration that can be set is 1 minute, and it can be 10, 30 minutes, or automatic. Low and high heart rate notifications are also available.

It accurately measures the pulse at rest, without movement, the deviation is typically no more than 1-2 heartbeats per minute, and it also follows the pulse change during movement, with some lag (the basis of the comparison is a heart rate belt and a pulse oximeter). But this is not a mistake; almost all PPG (light) based heart rate monitors are like this; they still do not reach the speed of ECG-based heart rate monitors. At the hobby level, however, it is enough.

The bracelet also provides detailed heart rate statistics; it does not just display the current value.

Blood oxygen level measurement

It measures the blood oxygen level with a separate red light sensor.

The blood oxygen level shows how much red blood cells use their potential oxygen-carrying capacity. 96-100% is normal; below that (and especially below 95), it should be examined, and below 88, you should consult a doctor. In the case of many diseases, the blood oxygen level can decrease, so it is good to be aware of its value.

Regarding its accuracy, it can be said that two blood oxygen level meters measured 98-99%, and the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro generally followed this; if there was a difference, it was only 1%.

It is important that the blood oxygen level can only be accurately measured while still.

The measured values ​​can be reviewed, the bracelet also stores the last measurement, and the continuous measurement can be switched on, which measures when the wearer does not move (but the accuracy of the automatic measurement is questionable because it measures nonsense).

Step counting

The steps are extremely accurate, approx. It calculates with an accuracy of 95% and above in slower and faster movements, even with a still arm.

It counts certain movements as a step, for example, some activities involving significant arm movement, but this is the case with all smart bracelets.

The bracelet also measures the number of daily steps (+ calculating the distance traveled) and the time spent standing, as well as shows the previous days and can be viewed in the application, broken down by day.

Sports modes, GPS

It supports 117 sports and forms of exercise and records several data during sports, such as elapsed time, number of steps, distance, and heart rate. It can use its built-in GPS for accurate speed, distance, etc., for measurement.

Some of the supported sports:

  • running
  • treadmill
  • cycling
  • exercise bike
  • walk
  • elliptical trainer
  • rowing bench
  • yoga
  • jumping rope
  • freestyle, i.e. general training
  • HIIT
  • swimming

It can automatically recognize running, walking, treadmill, and rowing.

Recorded workouts can be reviewed later, and at the end of the workout, the bracelet also shows the measured result and the effect and intensity of the workout and can be reviewed later.

It also has GPS (Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZS), so the exact speed, distance, etc., can be solved without a phone. Measurement. This is useful for sports and recreational movements, such as walking, as it is always guaranteed to be accurate.

Even between tall buildings and next to them, it usually found a signal within half a minute and was accurate; compared to two other devices, the differences were a maximum of 30 meters, 1 km.

It always sounds if it has found a GPS signal, even if we start the movement tracking without it.

Message and call notifications

It can display notifications from any application, including popular ones like Facebook and Messenger.

It also displays accented letters, but Band 6 could display some of the emojis, but the 7 could not.

It can be set to appear on the display in the event of a notification, or it can only vibrate and be viewed by turning the wrist.

Calls are also indicated by name, which can be muted or rejected.

Music playback control

On the home page, you can access the playback control by dragging it to the left, which allows you to perform all important actions. It works fine but throws you back to the home page, so you must open it again every time.

This helps if it is set as the very first widget.

Sleep monitoring

The Xiaomi Band 7 monitors our sleep, measures sleep time, deep and light sleep, and wakefulness, and prepares and provides all kinds of statistics.

It typically accurately recognizes the time, the beginning, and the end of sleep and measures very similar to the smartwatch used as a control.

The “advanced monitoring” function must be activated for the most accurate measurement.

Stress level measurement

There is also a stress level measurement, which can mostly be based on the heart rate because it correlates with the heart rate.

DND, i.e. do not disturb mode

DND means do not disturb, meaning the bracelet does not vibrate when activated. It can be switched on timed, automatically (in this case, it switches on during sleep), and manually.

There is also a sleep mode, which includes DND mode, turning off the display and waking you up when it expires.

Bluetooth device unlocking

It can be used to unlock the phone and works as it should. In this case, there is no need to use a fingerprint or PIN code.

Other functions

  • stopwatch
  • countdown
  • weather (with freely adjustable location)
  • wake up call
  • ringing the phone (if you got lost somewhere)
  • menstrual cycle tracking
  • breathing exercise
  • events, reminders

Battery, operating time

The battery capacity is 235mAh, which can last up to 12 days, but it is important here that it can because, in practice, it can be much less.

If all extra functions are enabled and set to maximum, as well as the always-on display, the operating time can be reduced to 4 days.

So, if minute-by-minute heart rate measurement, stress level, continuous blood oxygen level measurement, breathing monitoring, etc., are also turned on, it seriously uses up the battery.

But if we release a couple of them, a 9-10 day operating time can be added.

You don’t have to take it out of the strap to charge it; you have to put the cable on the two contacts attached by magnetism.


The Xiaomi Band 7 Pro smart bracelet does not differ drastically from the basic Band 7. However, the wider, non-capsule-shaped display is more practical, and the GPS is also useful.

Its quality is also good, comfortable and light, but its display is still pleasantly large and of very good quality.

There are many watch faces, and the adjustable watch faces are very good; there are already several always-on displays in several styles.

It is reliable for measuring health values ​​, and the application can display notifications with an accent.

The software and user interface of the bracelet can be easily customized, and the application also offers many extra options.

Sports support is more advanced, it supports more than 100 sports, and we don’t only get the most basic data, so it’s more than enough for average users.

Unfortunately, neither the bracelet nor the application can speak Hungarian, even though the previous applications were also able to speak Hungarian, plus the support for emoticons has also disappeared.