Review: Xiaomi Capsule Headphone Pro

Review: Xiaomi Capsule Headphone Pro- Xiaomi Capsule Headphone Pro focuses on a natural and pure music sound experience, using a coaxial dual-unit structure.

The Xiaomi Capsule Headphone Pro offers good, enjoyable sound with a coupon for HUF 6,000, a full-on bass, and a microphone.

It looks like this

In terms of design, it is acceptable, but we can also say that it looks good, understated.

The remote control

It also has a remote control on the wire with three buttons, and all functions are available:

  • pause playback, resume, press the middle one 1x
  • next: press the middle one twice
  • previous: pressing the middle one 3 times
  • increase the volume: button next to the right earpiece 1x or held down
  • volume increase: another extreme button 1x or held down
  • Answer a call with the middle button, long press reject (end a call during a call)

The microphone

It also has a microphone, and of course, it’s not top-quality, but it’s plenty usable.

Sound quality, sound

The manufacturer describes it as follows:

“Xiaomi Capsule Headphone Pro focuses on a natural and clear music sound experience, using a coaxial two-unit structure.

Thanks to the dual-moving coil’s design and abundant bass, it can also provide a higher-quality, wide, and bright mid-high range experience.

The sound curve perfectly separates the midrange from the instruments to restore the human voice, and the transparent treble gives the sharpness of “metal instruments.”

Of course, for this price, you don’t have to expect great miracles. Still, the Xiaomi Capsule Headphone Pro is certainly better than the price category, especially considering prices.

Its sound is enjoyable, powerful, and full, and the bass is strong but pleasantly strong, so it is not yet overpowered, but it is a very good choice for massive electronic music.

But luckily, the mids/trebles are fine, too, so it’s generally good for everything.

In the case of movies and games, it is not worth ignoring, and due to its wired nature, there is no sound delay, plus its powerful sound gives a kind of cinema sound.

Its volume is sufficient. Usually, you don’t need to go above 60-70%


Its sound is demanding, good, and enjoyable, its microphone is usable, and it even has a remote control that covers all functions.

For those who would like to spend more than a few forints, but certainly not a lot, on headphones, this is a good choice.