Review: Xiaomi AirDots Pro Airpods

Review: Xiaomi AirDots Pro: Affordable AirPods Alternative - "Discover the Xiaomi AirDots Pro, an affordable wireless earbud option with impressive sound quality and a design reminiscent of premium alternatives."

Xiaomi’s AirDots Pro, a cost-effective alternative to Apple’s AirPods, offers a similar design but significantly lower price. With an in-depth analysis, we aim to determine whether these earbuds are worth your consideration.

Design Inspired by AirPods
Xiaomi has drawn inspiration from Apple’s AirPods, delivering a design that closely resembles its American counterpart. The Xiaomi AirDots Pro offers a compelling alternative to Apple’s premium-priced earbuds.

Compact and Portable Charging Case
The AirDots Pro comes with a compact charging case that, although slightly larger than the AirPods 2 case, remains portable and pocket-friendly. Weighing just 50 grams, it’s lightweight and convenient. The front of the case features an LED battery indicator, while a USB Type-C port for charging and a pairing button can be found on the bottom.

Comfortable Earbuds with Touch Controls
Each earbud weighs less than 6 grams, ensuring comfort during extended use. Interchangeable ear tips allow for a customized fit. The earbuds feature a built-in microphone for calls and a touch panel for various functions.

Choice of Colors and IPX4 Water Resistance
Available in black or white, the Xiaomi AirDots Pro offers water resistance with an IPX4 certification. Its design and features make it a formidable competitor to Apple’s AirPods.

Impressive Sound Quality and Battery Life
With a 7mm diaphragm and 16-ohm impedance, the AirDots Pro delivers remarkable sound quality within its price range. These earbuds offer up to 10 hours of battery life, with fast charging available via the case.

Sound quality is critical when evaluating wireless earbuds, and the Xiaomi AirDots Pro offers impressive sound quality considering its price point. Here’s an elaboration on the key factors that contribute to its sound performance:

  1. Audio Drivers: The Xiaomi AirDots Pro has 7mm dynamic audio drivers. The size of these drivers plays a significant role in producing sound quality. Larger drivers can move more air, producing better bass response and sound clarity.
  2. Impedance: The earbuds have an impedance of 16 ohms. Impedance measures the earbuds’ resistance to your device’s electrical current. Lower impedance generally means the earbuds can be driven by a wider range of devices and offer more efficient sound output.
  3. Frequency Response: While specific frequency response details may not always be provided, the earbuds are designed to cover a broad frequency range, ensuring you can hear low-frequency bass and treble notes.
  4. Sound Signature: The Xiaomi AirDots Pro aims to provide a balanced sound signature, delivering a well-rounded audio experience. This typically entails clear vocals, a defined midrange, and a controlled bass response.
  5. Noise Isolation: Although it doesn’t feature active noise cancellation, the earbuds do offer passive noise isolation due to their in-ear design. This helps to reduce external ambient noise, allowing you to focus on your music or audio content.
  6. Volume Levels: The earbuds are capable of producing loud and clear sound, ensuring that you can enjoy your music or podcasts even in noisy environments.
  7. Audio Codecs: The Xiaomi AirDots Pro supports AAC (Advanced Audio Codec), a codec known for its ability to deliver high-quality audio. AAC is commonly used for high-resolution audio streaming.

It’s important to note that sound quality can be subjective and may vary depending on individual preferences. While the Xiaomi AirDots Pro provides impressive sound quality for its price range, those with a more discerning ear may still find differences compared to premium earbuds with higher-end components and advanced sound tuning. Nonetheless, for many users, the sound quality of the Xiaomi AirDots Pro is more than satisfactory for everyday listening and enjoyment of various audio content.

Seamless Connectivity and Voice Assistant Integration
Featuring Bluetooth 4.2, the AirDots Pro pairs easily with both iOS and Android devices. The touch panel allows for call answering and voice assistant activation. However, it’s important to note a significant issue related to video content streaming.

Video Playback Delay
One drawback of the Xiaomi AirDots Pro is a noticeable delay when streaming video content from platforms like Netflix or HBO, hindering the viewing experience. While suitable for music, consider an alternative for video streaming.


In conclusion, the Xiaomi AirDots Pro presents a compelling and cost-effective alternative to Apple’s AirPods, offering several attractive features and a design clearly inspired by its premium counterpart. With a compact charging case, comfortable earbuds, and IPX4 water resistance, it’s a well-rounded option for those seeking affordable wireless earbuds.

The AirDots Pro impresses with its sound quality, boasting a 7mm diaphragm and 16-ohm impedance that delivers remarkable audio within its price range. Its 10-hour battery life and touch controls add to its appeal, making it suitable for extended use and seamless device integration, including voice assistant activation.

However, a notable drawback is the noticeable video playback delay when streaming content, which can be a hindrance to the overall viewing experience. If video streaming is a primary use case, potential buyers should consider alternatives that offer better synchronization in this aspect.

Overall, the Xiaomi AirDots Pro is a strong contender in the budget-friendly wireless earbuds market, offering impressive value for its cost, especially for those who prioritize music and audio quality over video playback synchronization.

Reasons to Buy the Xiaomi AirDots Pro:

  1. Affordable Alternative: It provides a cost-effective alternative to more expensive wireless earbuds, making it accessible to a wider range of consumers.
  2. Design and Comfort: The design closely resembles Apple’s AirPods, offering a sleek and comfortable fit with interchangeable ear tips.
  3. Impressive Sound Quality: With a 7mm diaphragm and 16-ohm impedance, it delivers remarkable sound quality within its price range, making it suitable for music enthusiasts.
  4. Long Battery Life: Enjoy up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge, with additional power available via the compact charging case.
  5. Voice Assistant Integration: The touch controls allow for easy activation of voice assistants, enhancing convenience for users who rely on voice commands.

Reasons Not to Buy the Xiaomi AirDots Pro:

  1. Video Playback Delay: A significant drawback is the noticeable delay when streaming video content, making it less suitable for an optimal video-watching experience.
  2. Limited Compatibility: While it pairs with both iOS and Android devices, some users may prefer earbuds with more advanced Bluetooth technology for better connectivity.
  3. Lack of Noise Cancellation: It lacks active noise cancellation, which can be a disadvantage for users seeking an immersive audio experience in noisy environments.
  4. Brand Loyalty: Users with strong brand loyalty to Apple may prefer to invest in AirPods for seamless integration with their Apple devices and ecosystem.
  5. Alternative Budget Options: There are numerous budget-friendly wireless earbuds available on the market, and some may offer better video playback synchronization or additional features for a similar price.