Review: Vegan & Smart Apple Watch straps multi colors & Eco friendly

Review: Vegan & Smart Apple Watch straps made from eco-friendly material and are of multi colors to make your Apple watch even better.

Review: Vegan & Smart Apple Watch straps: Bracelets for the Apple Watch are already available directly from the manufacturer in many colors and different materials. The robust sports loop made of a rubber-like material meets the finest leather in the product range, which was designed by a brand label. The respective types of ribbons are then available in different colors, which, however, do not cover too much of a spectrum. All in all, a rather unsatisfactory situation for those who wear expensive smartwatches. Many other providers jump on the bandwagon and offer great alternatives for these types of Apple gadgets . In the following article we took a close look at the straps from Vegan & Smart in the test. 

On the feet as shoes, on the upper body as a jacket and not infrequently on the wrist in the form of a bracelet – leather has completely crept into our everyday lives and wardrobes. Everyone should be aware that this material is not very sustainable and animal-friendly. However, there is often no alternative to the robust procurement and chic look . At least in the area of ​​Apple Watch bracelets, we present a clever solution to this problem with Vegan & Smart. The young German company recycles production residues into resistant materials for your smart watch.

Vegan & Smart: Pineapple leaves, cactus and apple scraps become bracelets

The extraordinary materials for the production of the chic Apple Watch straps were chosen with care. A sustainable farming, including crop and the conservation of the plant in the foreground. In the case of apples, fruits that are not suitable for sale are used. The materials are then professionally processed and trimmed to make them a chic leather competitor. The online shop is filled with pretty ribbons in great colors. The models have names such as Bozen, Trentino and Zacatecas.

The Apple Watch straps from Vegan & Smart are visually reminiscent of their leather role models. Ribbons of bright and muted colors are sometimes decorated with eye-catching seams . The connectors are of course always available to match the respective watch. In a clever preview, you can see and select the bracelets on your own model . A note: Unfortunately, it doesn’t make the choice any easier

Sustainable materials are becoming a chic alternative to leather

We chose from two models for our test. The ribbons in dark blue and cognac come from the Merano line. The yellow bracelet from the Bolzano collection. All tapes are made from Apple Skin . For this, apple leftovers are dried and ground into powder. Mixed with pigments and binders, it is placed on a canvas to dry. The result is a leather-like consistency that can compete with the original.

At first glance, we can’t see any visual differences to the non-vegan material  . The colors are intense and the feel is also right. The straps feel robust and very comfortable. Only the distinctive leather smell is missing. The workmanship is flawless on all bracelets from Vegan & Smart. The seams are very neat and have no flaws. The connectors fit the watch perfectly, which is a very important criterion for us. Not all Apple Watch accessory suppliers can do this flawlessly.

When we put the watch on our wrist, we are reminded of leather again. First of all, the material is a bit stiff. But after just a few hours of wearing, we can see how the tape begins to give way . After just a few days, the ligaments on the wrists feel very good and have achieved a beautiful shape. Visually, depending on the choice of color, they can be restrained and noble or also striking .

Robust straps and stylish buckles

The buckles are another special highlight, as we think. The color of the round aluminum goes perfectly with the connector and of course the Apple Watch. The slim design is extremely chic and of course the handling is also good. When it comes to alternatives to leather, the first thing to look at is robustness . We can fully confirm this after a few weeks of testing. The straps from Vegan & Smart are in no way inferior to real leather.

For a price of 49 euros per bracelet you get a high-quality leather alternative. In addition, the selection is very nice and there should be something for every type. The different models differ mainly in the materials, the surface and the seams. Incidentally, all of the company’s Apple Watch bracelets are made by hand in Germany . So if you don’t want to do without the feeling of leather and strike without a guilty conscience, you should take a look at the Vegan & Smart homepage .